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7/27/2019 c24 Guest
Katie & Thomas is happening. :)

Oh the highs and lows of publicly watching a sports event you’re totally vested in. I usually don’t trust myself. It’s all good when you’re winning...

Emily can forgive but can’t forget and of course, of course Naomi disappears! Argh.

Nice surprise to see you updated! Not sure how I feel about you leaving us hanging. Again. You better be back soon because...where did Naomi disappear to? And when will Emily be ready to say it? And And...how will they fair at world’s?!
7/15/2019 c24 Imalwayslate
Hello! What was the story "Clean Sheet" about? It was from the same author of "Resting on your laurels" right?
7/7/2019 c24 9mswitsend
Fucking tip-top mate! way to use the 2015 WWC to set the energy in the future of the tale. God that was an agonizing game years ago. I felt the pain for England then and now for the Lionesses. They played extraordinarily in this WWC and to not have gotten even third was full of heartache. At least one of the girls got the silver ball and the other the bronze boot.

Still... huge fucking shout out to USA for their 4th star. Thank you for updating this marvelous tale. Keep going will ya? Olympics are just around the corner...

and that's the tea (yes I'm deliriously happy about today's win and your use of the new Soccer phrase)
1/26/2019 c23 amazoniandragon
This is a wonderful story, so I hope you continue. The show is long over but I find myself still having affection for these characters, specifically Naomi and Emily, and I miss them sometimes so I log on here on occasion. Your story is one of my favorites that I am hoping will still be updated (I’ve lost hope on some others) so I’ll keep an eye on this. I appreciate you writing these chapters, bringing Naomi and Emily (and others) to life. It’s a cool premise with the swimming, something different. Nice writing, nice characterization...I hope to see more.
1/8/2019 c23 mswitsend
at work... oh adulting how I loathe you.. finally realized you had updated. (let out a little squeal of delight) A few stories I need to read and review but I missed this story so much... so happy you updated..

and spot on for the emotions... tugs at my little Naomily heartstrings... god how I miss our girls..

Missed the swimming descriptions as well.. it warms my soul and makes me long for the Olympics... keep pushing forward.
12/16/2018 c23 Tiffythetitan
Sorry it's taken me so long to review. I have been waiting to give it a proper read and review as soon as I got few minutes to myself (of course interrupted by a horrible showing at a big softball tournament and the fallout from that) so happy to be getting back on track on a personal level. :)

This chapter was so worth the wait! I may be biased but you continue to hit the mark on the tone and interaction between all the characters. It's a treat to read Katie giving Naomi a verbal smack over the head about her treatment of Emily and her future intentions plus the ease of Naomi and Emily slipping right back into their familiar banter despite Naomi's running for (nine?) months. As a reader...I slipped right back into it with them.

Can't wait for the rest. You're not doing too badly going all free willy on this story.
11/28/2018 c23 realgabz03
About time... this two... they meant to be to each other... naomi, get ur gurl!... ️
11/26/2018 c23 24mynameislizzie3
Beautifully done. Well worth the wait...thanks
8/8/2018 c22 Tiffythetitan
Doha...where one might go to get a custom suit? And hopefully that amusement park was your imagination?

Cookie and the louder twin always make up a good two-tenths with it."

Ms. Campbell, if you roll your eyes that hard one more time, they're liable to fall out of your head—"

Pretty darn good job on this chapter. Characters were spot on. Not bad for someone that’s quite distracted. ;)

So, 6-7 months have passed since Naomi ran. What have the girls been up to since then? Hmmm. (Assuming Naomi survives tea with Katie...)
7/25/2018 c22 mynameislizzie2
Great stuff. Seriously good scene setting and the dialogue was sharp and funny.
Effy was effortlessly laconic as always. Looking forward to the inevitable bust ups to come.

Really enjoyed dipping back into this story
7/22/2018 c22 9mswitsend
ooooh... wait... what? Emily and Naoms on the outs? Say it's not so... good to have you back mate. Know how life can be... thought about you all through the World Cup... the level of excitement when watching the game is the same as when I watch swimming... and as when I read this story... excellent chapter... sigh but over too quickly (because I'm eternally greedy)...
6/17/2018 c21 Tiffythetitan
Been trying to get this review in for the last few weeks even though I'm like WTH, Naomi?!

So, how long has Naomi been running (avoiding)? Months? She's taken running off to whole other level. I'm hoping there's some kind of timeline twist I missed (although I've read this chapter more than once and I didn't pick up on anything). I mean...are we going to see a not-Naomi giant in the picture when Naomi catches back up to Emily? No way Emily has been waiting around, right?

And look at Effy with this gem: "Naomi, if people just...'knew,' we'd have solved love a long time ago."
5/14/2018 c21 mswitsend
As Cookie would say Tip-fucking-top mate! Well done on keeping the promise. Hugs.

While patience not always my own strongsuit, this was well worth it. I may have read the majority of it without coffee even. I do love this story so very much. Between the swimming and the characters, I may well be feeling slightly euphoric presently. Love the dialogue. So at ease with each other. The word camaraderie doesn't do the bond between all of them justice. So love the Snatch reference (very much a wink-wink, nudge-nudge to Luke P starring in the tv show based on the movie).

My heart is full this morning. Anxiously awaiting details but the chapter has started my day with a huge smile and warm fuzzies.

And a bit of a cliffer there!

ooh I get a question too... hmm... just to make sure you blush properly and know to put limits on future questions:

what size boxers, briefs or do you go commando?
5/14/2018 c21 5fragrantlily90

The bit at the end was a cold shower after all the well written build up. Way to go Naomi, just when Emily was about to declare her undying love!

Nice cliffhanger. So...not three months again, huh? Lol.

5/13/2018 c21 1dammit naomily
I'm not complaining but really missed this story!
Oh god that was tense.. but saying you love someone probably is.. I understand Naomi but I'm so heartbroken for Emily.
And I need to point this, I love these little bits of Thomas, I think he's one of my fav characters on the show, he should appear more on the fics.
Can't wait for the next chapter!
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