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for The Shadows of our Past

1/1/2017 c1 Guest
Ooh, interesting, I'm excited to read this crossover. :)
12/30/2016 c6 10pride97
No, don't leave me hanging! So good. Jason is a mole.
12/28/2016 c6 4SDMS135
Amazing work, this just gets better and better, if only this was the actual script.
12/28/2016 c6 lauramorgenstern
Hey, don't worry about not updating, school's important! Great read- and nice twist at the end!
12/7/2016 c5 C.K-Tong
Love it!Your writing is so they all fit really get the souls of the update soon.
10/8/2016 c5 Dault3883 Barron Backslash
good chapter
10/1/2016 c5 csq1989
Pam is no longer MIA and I'm glad. Nice work on the subtle reveal of Jason and Nicky's past and how it was discussed by both. Her genuine thoughtfulness for him shows how essential she is an ally and friend, or more. Characters wasted by the franchise, redeemed by you. Keep this up!
9/30/2016 c5 JBNP
Amazing story! I am so glad you are writing this. It is beyond criminal what they did with Nicky's character in the latest movie. Since Identity, I have wanted the relationship between Jason and Nicky to be revealed and explored. (Even with amnesia, Jason never could bring himself to kill Nicky or go without significantly locking eyes with her whenever their paths crosses.) I hope that if there is another movie installment, it's revealed Nicky is really alive and Jason goes to rescue her. It's probably wishful thinking on my part. But your wonderful story has been a balm to the soul. I can't wait to read more and see how your story ends. You have managed to imbue your story with the feel, energy, and atmosphere of the Bourne movies. Thank you! :-)
9/30/2016 c5 1nicson
Cute scene at the end, tat I loved. Can't wait till the next chapter
9/29/2016 c5 setteveni
I'm so glad that this story exists! :) I had high hopes for Jason Bourne and was so disappointed with how Nikki's character was treated. And there was so much potential for exploring their past and I'm just sad it was wasted.
9/25/2016 c5 PoisonIvy533
I'm really enjoying this. Great job!
9/25/2016 c5 CytokineStorm
I was so excited when I saw that you uploaded a new chapter. This is getting so exciting and 1000% more interesting than the new Jason Bourne movie. Keep it up, can't wait to see where this story goes! :)
9/15/2016 c4 Wallamen
Great story absolutely wonderful so far. There have been no grammatical errors that I could see. Still thrilled that you kept Nicky alive. Great way to start a fanfic can't wait for more.
9/12/2016 c4 Dault3883 Barron Backslash
awesome bringing pam back in
9/12/2016 c4 18AViewerLikeMe
I like the pace of this chapter. It feels like I'm watching the fanfic as a movie. does that make sens?
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