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7/26 c31 18Quihi
This is only getting more interesting with another prophecy in play! Bringing Grindelwald and Ariana in was fascinating. And seeing Peeves dead is scary—he's always there, and as the characters say, he was part of Hogwarts. Great chapters.
7/20 c31 8The Dark Eccentric
I was a little delayed in reading the new postings, but good to see this story back and some things progressing. Curious to see what comes of this prophecy here, and what the plans are for the Hallows.
7/16 c31 22Otspock
This story has only gotten better since the last time I read it. Keep up the excellent work!
7/10 c31 5Blue Luver5000
Great story, cannot wait for more
7/4 c31 Fast Frank
I guess we can use desperation as the reason for usually level headed Grayson 'losing it'. I have never liked the concept of Obscurials, since Book One Harry would certainly have become one. However, White Squirrel can play the AU card, saying that "The Accidental Animagus" preempted that possibility.
7/5 c31 1Kaylee Alice Harman
Another great chapter! I can’t wait to see what comes of the prophecy and how visiting Grindelwald will affect Dumbledore.
7/5 c31 Noghanimus
Interesting chapter, new prophecy (real or not), and we need to wait to see how this brings the main story forward… I think I have to re-read a lot to get up to speed again, looking forward to new chapters!
7/3 c31 aesir21
I hope both Gellert and Albus get some closure here
7/3 c31 10feauxen
Wow. Just wow. What an intense chapter. Decades old conflict being resolved, magical intrigue, the dead speaking, a new prophecy (and oh boy what a prophecy it is) all from the perspective of a slightly out-of-place youth. I can see why this would take a while to write, it's dense as HELL. And I enjoyed every second of it. I look forward to reading more of this story, no matter how long it might take for another chapter to come along.
7/3 c31 1buterflypuss
good chap
7/3 c31 GatorLHA2
Thank you for updating, I will read when finished
7/3 c31 2DiAlbusBntz
All hail White Squirrel! Thanks for the update. This is by far, my favourite chapter of the story (until now). I liked the closure that Albus and Ab needed so much, and quite liked how you went along with canon for Grindelwald's repentance. And I specially liked that Ariana was "the one with the fault". That was an interesting approach. The prophecy was a shock! I hope it does refer to Voldy and his allies, but makes sense too for the great sorcerers. Anyway, good luck with life, and hope the new schedule works!
7/3 c31 jkarr
nice update
7/3 c31 4Supremus85
Very nice chapter, really liked this Grindelwald.
7/3 c31 tyry95
I haven't read the first book in like 3 years, and I haven't read a single chapter of this book, but I decided to read this one chapter for some reason.. dang it's good. I'm missing out
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