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for The Wolves Of The Namikaze Clan

2/25 c2 Fox Sage 1
Make Naruto fight Kiba and update please
8/10/2021 c2 Nathair1
good story

how much longer until more chapters are added?
2/15/2020 c2 1HyroTheGodOfFiction
Fem sasuke should be in the harem and have a hunter form
6/18/2019 c2 SKitsuneDragon
Can you please come back and write more.
3/28/2019 c1 shedges19
12/7/2018 c2 KuroOokamisage
Please update this story is amazing!
9/18/2018 c2 1yindragonkiba
Love this story
5/18/2018 c2 ethan.lukkar
Magnificent chapter can’t wait for more please update soon
4/18/2018 c2 Chue19
Bro this story is fucking awesome please contuine.
12/29/2017 c2 6my 2 guys
that was good keep the chapters coming
3/6/2017 c2 my 2 guys
that was good keep the chapters coming
1/2/2017 c2 arinasution5
12/2/2016 c2 2pfcvillanueva
Alright not bad so far. Really liking the idea of the story since I haven't normally read a werewolf Naruto. It’s definitely interesting and something I look forward to continue reading. You also mentioned who we'd like to see in the harem and I definitely agree on keeping Hinata in as well as Haku. As far as additional love interests or in this case mates my list and reasons are below: InoIno always struck me as an interesting character. Once she gets out of her fangirl stage for Sasuke, she actually is a good person who has potential to be a loyal friend and, in this case, a loving mate. AnkoLike Naruto, Anko is probably the only one in the can relate to him since she has been ostracized by the village for her being Orochimaru's student. So in my opinion the rough, flirty, don't-give-two-fucks attitude is a front. Like Naruto, she wants someone to except and love her for who she is rather than who her teacher was. Ayamethis is more of a maybe since in Cannon Ayame comes off more of a sister than love interest. However that can be changed, as well as age, since she actually is one of the few people alongside her father who genuinely cares for Naruto. Tsunade (futurethis is obviously when Naruto gets older. Tsunade comes off as a mother figure who sees both her past love and brother in Naruto. So why not those feelings turn romantic down the road. Plus she's sexy just saying. Tentenit looks like you plan on doing this one but I'll say it anyway. Neji and Tenten feel more like siblings than romantic partners. A relationship between Naruto and Tenten might be nice to read. I have more for later but that's for when the story progresses further. Like after the three year training with Jiraya (if you plan on going that far). Also I'm curious on why you're focusing on the Namikaze name and not including much of the Uzimake name. They were known for their fuinjutsus (sealing techniques) as well as their healing, longevity, vast amount of chakra, and their own blood limit. Just wondering if you were going to incorporate some of that as well.
11/28/2016 c2 Tillerton
Dear Author
I love this story it's has a unique story and flow (Breaking the 4th wall XD) I don't care if you made grammatical errors or spellings errors. Everyone has to start somewhere...
But anyways quick question...How is Narutos Wolf/Werewolf (I don't really know WTF his clan speacialty) transformation going to be influenced by the Kyuubi.

Love this story so far. Keep it up...And don't forget the Waifus XD (Damm Youtuber for teaching me that)

With lots of love Tillerton :)
need to know how many girls are for you in a small harem? I expect around 5 girls (Might be much...But Hey you got to start somewhere)
11/13/2016 c2 human dragon
can you make this into a harem fanfiction nad not like 2-4 but more like 13-20 please i have faith in you :)
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