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4/17 c1 Colleen S
8/21/2020 c1 Levenez
Fun pun at the end, justifying the story! Clever!
6/28/2020 c1 Colleen S
This was so cute but be such fun if expanded! Maybe Darcy could meet Lizzie everywhere she walks (like at Hunsford!) And they have a earlier understanding!
6/18/2020 c1 7era-romance
6/6/2020 c1 Guest
deliciously surprising, you've done everything to break with the usual situations encountered so many times in Darcy/Lizzy fictions...
10/14/2019 c1 Colleen S
Fun story!
9/16/2019 c1 Colleen s
Was Mr. Darcy think she was hinting she'd like to meet him alone?! Be fun if you ever get back to this story and expanded it! Fun to read though, Thank you!
7/16/2019 c1 Bells1122
This was fun! I was thinking maybe she could've walked into John Lucas too on her way to Netherfield :D
7/8/2019 c1 4Elin Eriksen
Thank you for writing.
6/29/2019 c1 Edward'sDJ
Darcy would be stalked by Caroline, as well as random encounters
5/10/2019 c1 Sheila L. M
Amusing...I was hoping she was going to also meet Mr. Darcy while out but c'est la vie. Thanks for this one shot.
2/19/2018 c1 43WadeH
That was fun. It’s always amusing to poke fun at our familiar tropes. I would have liked to see this be a bit longer, or maybe add another chapter.
12/3/2017 c1 Guest
I love it :)
3/4/2017 c1 csad21
Ahaha! Such a fun story! A wonderful subversion of the most-used fandom tropes! Would you believe, after the story's title, I was expecting to find an eye-roll worthy but perhaps example of one of those tropes you listed? Faked us out well there. :D

You're right, this could very well be considered a canonical interlude. I can very well imagine Austen approving of the tongue-in-cheek lampshade hanging here. :D
8/13/2016 c1 kmpasley
Very clever - we have seen a few of these scenarios (or, should I say, all of these scenarios more than a few times) before, haven't we? ; )
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