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for The Last Straw

2/25 c63 sw33tteen1986
storyline is great. can't stop reading it.
2/23 c39 sw33tteen1986
I love this part!
Im happy you chose to give harrytim a daughter!
2/22 c23 sw33tteen1986
aww...Thats alright with Teddy's age. It's still a great story!
2/22 c13 sw33tteen1986
this is when Arthur take his daughter over his knee and spank her. no matter how old she is. as for Molly... ground her butt to the house with no cash.
2/21 c1 sw33tteen1986
hay, elizabeth! i don't like your tone of typing! This is fanfiction! the writer can do whatever they want to do!

By the way, i love this story so much that i re-read it often. so keep up the amazing work!
2/4 c61 elizabeth.cullinan
Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean whereas London England is across the Atlantic ocean from Washington DC. to get from London England to Hawaii, You need to fly from England to somewhere in the continental United States and then from there to Hawaii. You would never be stopping at Hawaii “on the way” in a trip between London and Washington DC or vice versa
1/15 c117 Clark959
Enjoyed reading this story. Too many late nights. Now I can go to bed at my regular time! Interesting takes on social issues. Multi faceted- made you think. Thanks for writing this.
1/14 c117 StopingCrimeForGood
This was so good I did enjoy reading it.
1/7 c117 1JabberwockyM
I have truly loved this epic story. I have reread it every time I wanted something familiar (so, like 5 or 6 times). I will never stop wishing there was more and I will definitely read it again some day.
12/31/2023 c116 32Jake Crepeau
It's bad enough that the journey is six to eight hours long; while steam trains can move pretty fast, they still can't come near the speeds achieved even by standard diesel locomotives, much less the modern high-speed trains. I always found it rather unbelievable that a train with a journey taking that long doesn't have a dining car; they did have them on the old steam trains, even if they only served things like sandwiches and snacks. But then, that's another one of those infamous plotholes. ;D
11/24/2023 c117 4Syiera Aquila1
thank you for sharing 5his beautifully written story!
i enjoyed it soooo much!
10/18/2023 c63 Richard Surridge
Third (fourth?) time I've read this story - obviously enjoy it.
Picking up various inconsistencies as I do so, but this chapter 'hits me'.
WHY take two trips, changing elf in Hawaii - WEST of Maryland/DC - when travelling to London (or back) - EAST of Maryland/DC?
*Two earlier things:
Mention of Harry blood-adopting Teddy but Tim NOT doing so; then a reference in a later chapter to NO adoption; then a reference in a later chapter again referring to a 'four-parent' blood adoption, adding H&T to Remus and Tonks.
Alice/Alicia & Angelina living with the twins in an early chapter - then Katie Bell at the Weasley table as George's(?) fiancee!
9/10/2023 c117 Jostanos
Thank you for writing this excellent story that was also a joy to read and review, RD. We really do appreciate it. :)
9/1/2023 c90 12summer164
Sarah pissed me off. She wants her mom to go bakc into a dangerous situation
8/18/2023 c117 5Carl-the-strange
I have absolutely loved this fic from the very first time i found ut with only 20 odd chapters! I cannot wait to go back to the beginning and re-read the entire thing yet again! Thank you so much for your hard work
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