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for The Last Straw

5/20 c117 StealingATimeLord
So wonderful! Thank you so much for this amazing journey you've taken us on. I've read this at least four times and have loved every second.
5/20 c117 justanfanboy
could be just me, but quiet an abrupt ending?
still thank you for this magical journey of an story, I hope you will keep up writing other stories that are just as enjoyable of this one was
5/20 c117 49Gottahavemyncis
BRAVO! Congratulations on a story well told, engaging to the end!
5/20 c117 samanthasherman78
so loved this story one of my favorites
5/20 c117 31Sakura Lisel
Aw… I was hoping to see another confrontation between Harry and Timothy and Timothy’s homophobic ex-dad. It had to happen eventually, despite attempts to avoid him.
5/20 c117 xDarklightx
I like it.
5/20 c117 4FanFictionAddict13
now i need to go back and start from the beginning lol. this was wonderful and i loved it
5/20 c117 1Jimbocous
Nice one. Thanks!
5/20 c117 sandipi
Please post Harry's letter to all the newspapers because we all know that the British Wizarding world will not stop trying to get their way.
Thank you for the new chapter and for this story.
5/20 c117 Jasamiel
Very nice epilogue, I just find it unfortunate that it's dedicated to British wizards. I wish there was also a part about the NCIS team, knowing what they become since a large part of the story is centered on them.
5/20 c117 Selenity84
Loved the story! I'm glad that Harry didn't send his kids to Hogwarts, they would've dealt with the same thing that he did, all the bullying while the Professors turned a blind eye.
5/20 c117 14McPenname
Loved this story, so sad to see it end.
I know it started out because Harry had enough of the WW, but I wish we could’ve learned more about where Tim (and the NCIS) team is at the end
5/20 c117 hawkswench
Thank you for a wonderful story. Now to reread the story straight thru from beginning to end like if it were a book.
5/20 c117 1buterflypuss
great story 3
5/20 c117 Rainraven
Thank you for your hard work, time and energy that you put into creating this story. Thank you for sharing it. This is one of the few stories over 100 chapters that I have read. I greatly enjoyed it. Thank you again for sharing your talent.
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