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2/22/2021 c100 snuffles101
I used to like this story, but now Harry using the time turner all the time is confusing me. Don't know who's the real Tim anymore. Or even the the real Harry. If that makes sense. So I'm going to do what I seldom do and drop this story right here. Maybe one day I'll pluck up the courage and try to finish reading it. Adios.
2/21/2021 c111 Fallow57
XxXxX Kudos XxXxX : )
2/17/2021 c111 12Village-Mystic
Good follow-up chapter, continuing the plot and character points.
2/14/2021 c111 b
sorry to hear that, probably one of the plagiariast itself flag the list.
Stay safe and healthy. Thanks for the update and Have a good day!
2/14/2021 c111 1MageVicky
good chapter
2/13/2021 c111 Isahh
I like this recent arc including Draco. I'm curious to read where this will go
2/13/2021 c99 Isahh

I've really enjoyed the story so far, from the details of NCIS's and Auror's cases to the thoughtfulness behind the characters' relationships and developments. From the smaller details to your ability to connect the tiniest dots to whole complex conflicts.

I'd write more and tell you my impressions on the chapters I've read so far (mostly positive), but I decided to write this now to point out a few things you might have overlooked while typing and/or checking. Please, know that I don't mean to offend you or anything of the sort, I just thought that you should know these typos. If you're offended and wish for me not to point out anything again, let me know.

First, when Tim and Hadrian visited Heather's family on Thanksgiving Day, Hadrian mentioned the word "maternity" referring to leave instead of paternity too many times not to be suspicious that anyone didn't suspect. Was it deliberate? It was on chapter 83. Maybe it wasn't too many tines, but it did stand out to me when I read so I wondered why they didn't question him on it.

Second, when Hadrian confronts his mother-in-law regarding her witnessing young Rosie performing accidental magic, Hadrian hides from her the fact that they had her without using surrogacy. As soon as Tim arrives home and they talk about said episode, they decide not to tell her. However, on chapter 90, Hadrian when explaining to her the argument that they had during Tim's injury and the time Hadrian bought the house, he says "once I told I was pregnant" and she doesn't react as if she was already aware of that. And yet in the current chapter Tim says he's got something to explain about Hadrian's wellbeing, that is his condition.

Those are the ones I remembered easily because they seemed "loud", "big" to me. If you wish, I can see if I found any more inconsistencies. If you don't, then I'll leave it that way and won't mention again.

I only told you this because it is something I would have liked to be told, albeit politely. I mean no disrespect and if I did disrespect you by doing so or in the way I did, I apologize.

I hope this message finds you well and that I didn't upset you.

2/11/2021 c111 17DS2010
Enjoyed the talks with Neville and Draco that is becoming an interesting friendship and that Draco wants to start being friends with Hadrian is great.
Happy the twins arrived.
2/11/2021 c111 mizzrazz72
Malfoy is trying to be an adult and leave childhood meanness in the past. Ron can't.
2/11/2021 c111 geekymom
Terrific chapter!
2/11/2021 c111 3Bitterkeit
You made a little typo. in the first half of this chapter the Babys were called Liam and Archer, and in the Conversation between Draco and Neville it said Liam and Hunter. Well done though thanks for the update _
2/11/2021 c111 2Ghostisreading
Love it as usual!

Stay safe ️
2/10/2021 c111 1Otaku4life16
Another great read

The only thing I want more of is harry interacting with the team! I think it would be so awesome if Harry and the team solved a case together. Then the team would see just how bad ass Hadrian is. I don’t think they realize it because they have t seen it in person yet
2/10/2021 c111 Silvermane1
Fantastic update
2/10/2021 c111 Rainbow2007
love it
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