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for The Last Straw

1/25 c12 Eragon135790
dont get why hermione would take such a vow, thats just stupid.
1/25 c2 Eragon135790
if there is a spell to make a male able to carry then there should be one to make a male ablto imperegnate others, just use a spell that is normally used on sterile male for them to be able to procreate, even if there isnt, with how intelligent harry is described to be i would expect him to be able to develope a spell that can change his body back, be it via time-magic or by using a spell to directly change the body(just like the curse changed him the first time) is unimportant for the xistence of the possibility.
1/25 c1 Eragon135790
dont get why harry woudnt just transfigure or silence or burn the howlers. like that he wont just let himself get ocmmanded around by the female weasleys.
1/23 c113 Kvbb
I Love yourself history, update please
1/18 c113 1peruvianprincess
This is one of my favorite stories. I've read it three times now. I love how Harry's life changes when he leaves Britain, and the time it takes for friendship to turn into more. I'd love to see a chapter or two more to finish it off if you can manage it. Thanks!
1/13 c39 15Saissa
small nitpick - while Teddy is holding Rosie, he calls Harry - "Hawwy" and yet he can say Tomorrow correctly including the Rs. Tomorrow really should have been spelled Tomowwow

Good chapter otherwise.
1/10 c113 jeika5243
amazing as always, sorry for th delay but i didnt see the update until 2 days ago. cant wait to see what happens next!
1/2 c113 1kittyranma
So interesting, it feels rather like you're about to wrap it up. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
12/30/2021 c113 petit blabla
12/29/2021 c113 Leaper4
I have read many of your stories and loved them please keep writing The Last Straw I love it.
12/21/2021 c99 Joey394
California is west coast
12/2/2021 c113 Millie072
Glad to see the notification. The dinner meeting was surprisingly cordial. In total agreement over the boring bull that seems to infect most political processes. Thoroughly enjoyable chapter. Thanks Stay safe
11/24/2021 c113 Kvbb
I love your story, I think that Draco canción be a very good ally, continue update please
11/23/2021 c113 Mcmllnchrstn91
I’d can’t wait to read more you keep me hooked on the story
11/21/2021 c113 alonzo.irenem
Hope you are well in these times. I wanted to thank you for your story I have just finished reading and I truly appreciate how you have written each character. I love how you have written Harry.

Happy Holiday
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