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11/17/2021 c113 Silvermane1
Fantastic update
11/10/2021 c113 Arjayess
Nice to see this story back again. I'd read up to Heather/Thomas splitting and the story stopped. I was looking at another author's 'Favourite Authors' list and this was the first, so I started again. I think this was the first HP/NCIS crossover I ever read.
Please carry on.
11/4/2021 c113 Lina
Update please.
10/31/2021 c113 1SilverMidas
Thanks for the update. I ended up reading the whole 112 chapters again before I read the newest chapter.
10/30/2021 c113 MAFITA
I love the story and the pairing! I binge-read the whole thing in about 2 weeks, it was well worth it! I am really looking forward to the next chapter! Hope to read you soon! Stay safe!
10/28/2021 c113 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
10/28/2021 c113 Merlenyn
Well, I'm glad that Hadrian finally has at least one boy so now he doesn't NEED to keep popping out kids to get that boy. :D Also good to know even MORE now that Draco really had no idea what his mother had done but was in the end happy that Hadrian managed to still have kids himself and was glad that he now didn't have to worry about the pressure of being the Black or Slytherin heir's until Hadrian had sons to take the titles.

Also woo for Tim and Hadrian having a mini vacation! :D Even if it was a working vacation. lol Also hope that they actually do manage to NOT end up having another kid for a few years like they plan... XD Meaning that Hadrian will really have to make sure to track any timeturner time he lives so he can continue to take his contraceptives in the proper intervals and/or make sure he and Tim use condoms when Hadrian bottoms. XD
10/27/2021 c113 Linda Humbert
Thanks so much for updating your story! I always re-read it from the first chapter if it's been awhile to keep myself focused on the complete storyline. I enjoy seeing character growth as well as the development of any characters. Your works on fanfiction have been bookmarked for easy access and for me to remember to read any of your works, as well as those that you have indicated to be your favorites. Thanks again and I look forward to reading more of this original story!
10/23/2021 c113 1daithi4377
Hermione is still bigoted against Draco putting the sins of the name onto the son I guess. I think Draco has grown up and become much better man than he even Harry can imagine. It will be interesting to see what comes out if that dinner. I wonder if Astoria will seriously think about what was said about Hogwarts and talk to her ladies group and get the gossip chain going. I can see if not more minds changed at least more opened up willing to research it anyway.
10/22/2021 c113 2Astrido
this story is a really big monster now. I'm wondering a bit, what you intend to do about the plot in the future, because i'm a lot less interested in politics than even Harry is and it seems that the last 5 chapters or so have been mostly about that.
10/19/2021 c113 17DS2010
Well done I especially liked the dinner with Draco and Hadrian
10/19/2021 c113 Fallow58
XxXxX Kudos XxXxX : )
10/18/2021 c24 Stickgirl37
I just love this story! I was worried when I couldn't find it again on Wattpad. But I was so relieved when I found it on here.
10/18/2021 c113 Melikalilly
I love this story
10/17/2021 c113 mother oracle
Excellent chapter! Loved it as always!
I'm glad Hadrian and Draco are trying to develop at least a working relationship which might possibly turn into a true friendship. After all, as Hades told Hermione, Draco is Family,
More, please?
-Naj : D 3
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