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for The Last Straw

10/17/2021 c113 1buterflypuss
good chap
10/17/2021 c113 sillygabby
Great chapter!
I look forward to possibly seeing more Black-McGee meets Britain.
Can't wait for more!
10/17/2021 c113 Tetradical
10/17/2021 c113 Rainraven
10/17/2021 c113 Kvbb
I Love it, thanks for the update!
10/17/2021 c113 julschristine975
I enjoyed dinner with the Malfoys. Astoria seems cool. Hermione was kind of irritating with her questions about Draco. Hopefully she'll stop judging people without really knowing them as grown ups. It's funny that they are the ones showing the least amount of change from children to adults. Ron and Hermione need to grow up, in my opinion. Thanks you so much for the great chapter. I look forward to the next installment.
10/17/2021 c113 mooneysfate
thank you so much for this wonderful update! love this story! :)
10/17/2021 c113 12Village-Mystic
Glad to see more of this story; and good job at making the chapter bogged down in politics that the character was hoping to avoid, but couldn't.
10/17/2021 c113 23Rori Potter
Oh damn! Wow. Update soon.
10/17/2021 c113 176Firehedgehog
10/17/2021 c113 mizzrazz72
Maybe Hermione and Ron need to grow up.
10/17/2021 c113 4cyiusblack
update soon
10/17/2021 c113 HoneyBear84
Loved it
10/17/2021 c113 mithrilandtj
If Harry is so worried about Tim in a magical area, why not have him wear a protective amulet or clothing?
Didn't the Twins sell *shield* hats & cloaks out of their shop during the war?
10/17/2021 c113 Guest
Thanks for the new chapter, it was great. Looking forward to the next update. Love this story.
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