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1/30/2017 c1 9sejutaejo
Justice for Wonder Woman xD
8/30/2016 c1 Guest
I mean, is it really worse than those BM/WW with the big happy Wayne family or those SM/WW where they just fuck at first sight? Yes, yes it very much is.

But it's like getting shot to death by a gun or getting run over countless times by a train if you are a Wonder Woman fan. You don't feel the pain after 5 seconds :(
8/21/2016 c1 Ni Castle
-"I'm drawing the line. Here and now. You being the author is irrelevant - this is not how I would act.
-Do I look like I care?"

oh the irony...
great crit... er, story, EDN
8/12/2016 c1 Anon
Well, isn't this interesting. I never would've even heard of all this if it wasn't for this, and frankly, the story it's directed towards is simply too awful for me to dignify it with enough attention to call it awful normally. But oh lordy, these reviews are even dumber than the story they are defending. Alright, where to start...

The story in question is nothing short of atrocious. It's not the worst I've read, but it would take a literary genius to produce something terrible enough to take the top spot. As it is, it's merely casually awful. I could not get through more than half of the first chapter, after which I merely skimmed through part of the rest and mostly focused on the author comments. Not entirely surprising, they are approximately what you'd expect, i.e. the standard "boohoo, some character is more popular than my favorite character, so now I'm going to write something that is several orders of magnitude worse in every way imaginable than anything I'm accusing others of doing". I imagine I didn't miss much, it's probably the formulaic women falling all over the alpha male and his big dick (which is considerably larger than the aforementioned women could ever realistically accommodate without a great deal of pain or mild cases of death) while all other males are jealous and impotent or killed in an embarrassing manner, generally by challenging alpha male character and after being properly chastised by whatever one-sided, brain aneurysm of an argument the author can come up with to justify their opinion. It's so terrible and hypocritical that I'm almost convinced that it's just a rather dedicated case of trolling, but I'm a bit too cynical to hold on to that slim hope. But I digress, this was about the insipid reviews here, not the insipid story they are defending.

1) "You're harassing the author"

a) No. The fact that you have no idea what harassment entails aside; if you upload your story here, you open yourself to criticism whether you like it or not. If that's not okay with you, then you can limit yourself to writing the story for private use, or stick to uploading it to the regular circle-jerk fan club sites where you're safe from anything resembling an original and/or critical thought. If you place your abortion of a fan fic in a public forum, then expect people to point out what an abortion of a fan fic it is.
That side, this particular response isn't even on the radar for harassment, insults or whatever else you want to call it instead of thinking of an actual argument to counter it.
b) I'd point out the irony of you bemoaning a certain behavior in which you by doing so participate in yourself, but if you didn't manage to figure that out as you did it, I have low hopes that having it pointed out explicitly to you will make a difference.

2) "The writer is only expressing themselves in the way they see fit"

Yes, and people who respond to it are doing the same. Some in a less than graceful manner, but we're not talking about them. You're not exempt from criticism just because you wrap your thoughts, opinions or arguments in a (god awful) story. If that was the case, hey guess what, you just broke your own moral code by responding to this story.

3) "There are worse stories"

I'm sure there is. Alas, that doesn't make the story in question any less awful and deserving of every bit of criticism it has received and more.

4) "There are porn sites with worse stuff, complain about that"

Contrary to what you and the author of that story seems to believe; this isn't a porn site. If I wanted to see porn, I'd visit a porn site, and call me picky, but unless my particular fetish happened to be badly written fan fiction by someone who has clearly not had sex in (presumably) his entire life, there's nothing enticing to be found in that story. If I visit , I wouldn't complain about the models being too old. If I visit a fan fiction site and come across the kind of content that I'd expect to find on , then yes, I very much have a justification to complain.
8/12/2016 c1 Silence
Must be nice to crap on someone's work from afar. Granted, the story itself isn't great and the characterization is terrible, that doesn't give you the right to harass the writer for creating whatever they decide to write. This site allows people of all ilks to write what they choose so long as it fits the community guidelines. None of the admins have come and shut the story down for any reason, so I think maybe you should take that to heart. Trouncing all over the writer's ability to write what they want is nothing short of childish bullying.
There are stories on this site with far more OOC behavior and storylines that are nothing short of spectacular.
You're probably going to delete this, but I want you to think about something else before you do.
What if someone infinitely better at storytelling than you on this site, maybe even one of your own personal favorite writers, did what you just did? How would you feel?
8/12/2016 c1 TralfamadoreUndone
Drag em again! I needed some mind bleach after coning across that fic, and this'll do just fine. Laughed at more than a couple of points. Savage!
8/11/2016 c1 Artimuos Sen
I understand that you don't like the dc enslavement fic because it shown harem and rape but there are also other fanfictions of Harry potter and Naruto especially Naruto but I don't see anyone threatening them with physical harm only the reviewers write their opinions whether it is bad or good , you should stop that or otherwise someone can make complain against you for cyber bullying if you resides in USA.
Also what is your problem just leave the writer everyone has their creativity and they are expressing it by writing, but if have so much problem why don't you visit some animated pornography sites where they visualize the rape and abusement of dc Heroines mostly Wonder woman where she basically raped by Nazi darkseid batman hell even muslim and blacks, so why don't you go there and express your disgust or are you too much of craven who can only bully other people who simply wants to write something in fanfiction section.
But you won't going to do that cause you are one of the Bm/WW fan who only trying to insult other fans who just wants to follow something other than you and you cannot have that could you because it boils your blood that not every Wonder Woman fan fiction is your favorite imaginary couple
8/7/2016 c1 Skilgannon
Had to be said sometime.
8/7/2016 c1 Guest
At time of writing, there ar3 some pretty btutal comments on the review section of Superman DC Enslavement. You should probably check them out before they get deleted by the, heh, "author" of that "story".
8/7/2016 c1 DDLo18
Taking the meaning of savagery to a whole new level sir EDN.
8/7/2016 c1 Guest
Like some we know
8/7/2016 c1 40Black' Victor Cachat
Fics are just wonderful for letting us get stuff like this out :-)
8/7/2016 c1 3Adelaine
Thousand-headed tentacle monster sounds like a great idea. Let's do that.

Oh gawd I was kidding, now I'm not. I needed a plot for "Undercover" (bmww au smut one-shot) and that's gonna be it, probably. My specialty: take a joke and run with it.

But I draw the line with goats.
8/7/2016 c1 Guest
This was hilarious.
8/7/2016 c1 6BruDia
Yeah! What The Actual Fuck!
I mean we all know the tittle is similar to another foe writer of our Fandom!
Great way to mention that Diana Will choose to become a Wayne Family member instead of this BS!
Can't stop laughing till now!
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