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1/10 c18 wolfy48
an interesting story can't wait for future chapters and please update soon love your work
5/29/2020 c18 Guest
I like this story a lot! I can only hope it will be continued!
10/17/2019 c18 4Wjl
This is a very interesting story you are creating, I really enjoy how you are crafting this world, and blending the characters into each aspect of the plots within this story. Thank you for the update and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.
6/29/2019 c18 Guest
6/28/2019 c18 1kuriboh1233
Now I kinda want you to write a new story with this Ginny transferring to canon Yokai Academy. It would be highly entertaining to see her and Inner get into a fight. When inner starts with her stuck up Know your place like , Ginny transforms and butch smacks her away. Cause she is a fuck-mothering DRAGON!

That would really make me happy to see. Who needs some pussy wannabe vampire ghoul when there’s a dragon hanging around. Good times I say!
6/20/2019 c6 1FunTimesDeadAhead
I'm sorry but this has been bothering me but I hope you know how impossible it is that America doesn't have a magical community
4/7/2019 c17 17Nomad-117
Well, I can honestly say that I didn't expect this. So the events of the Chamber of Secrets end with this chapter, and quite differently to the source material at that. Of course we also learnt a bit about a rather important ingredient for the augmentation process. A pearl taken from the brain of an ancient dragon. Consindering that Dragons are usually depicted as creatures of vast magical powers this certainly makes sense. In addition we learn that Tom is building himself a new body, which makes me wonder. Is he using a somehwhat similiar method like Khany to return his concioussness to a new vessel? Or is the process fundamently different?

Anyway, we see that Sir Peter is rather worried about Harry as he seeks to locate him. Thus stumbling across Ron and Lockhart. Who just as his canon counterpart is disturbingly incompetent. The manner in which Sir Peter chooses to help is somewhat unsettling to tell the truth. Although I can understand why he did so. Tom meanwhile reveals his true name, and thus learns that no one can hate you as much as someone who used to love you. Even though in her case the love wasn't excactly genuine, but rather a side effect of the enthrallment I'd guess.

At any rate this pure feeling of hatres allows her to throw of the shackles which had bound her. Thus allowing her to transform into a dragon. Given the process involved I don't think its quite accurate to say that she is an animagus. I think she is more of a human/dragon hybrid in a way. Especially since she actually swallowed the pearl. Of course we also learn that apparently the Knights of the Roundtable had their own spells and tricks. The Shield of Gawain, interesting to say the least I wonder what that will mean for other things as well. The most prominent example would of course be Lancelot, though I wonder if most would even be able to replicate some of his spells. Given that he was the son, at least adopted, of the Lady of the Lake it is entirely possible that he knows some Fae only tricks.

With that we near the end and I have to say. I absolutely love the character growth of Harry. It isnt just that he had been forced to think for himself in Hermiones absence. No, he also recognized some of his flaws and is working on rising above them. His first reaction at Sir Peters 'deception' is to reprimand him but then it clicks and he sees an alternative point of view. Not only that but he uses his knowledge of the schools rules to ask assistance from Mikogami. Which apparently causes Snape to view him in a new light. I can see why that would unsettle Harry. I liked the character interactions here as well, and how the strengths of the characters were used to safe Pavati's life. Although I disagree with McGonagall's assement that the life transfer spell is dark or something akin to the ends justify the means. If anything it seems to be a kind of... magical blood transfusion if you will.

Of course there is also the fact that Voldemort is back now. Much, much sooner than usual and I cannot help but wonder what that will mean for the future. One last thing before I finish this review. I wonder how Harry's new home life will affect him in the future. I have little doubts that he will have no trouble accepting the succubus nature of his new family. Given that he is rather openminded individual I can easily see him trying to learn more about the Fae in general. I have some doubts that they are a popular topic of discussion in Hogwarts. That said, excellent chapter.

Keep going.
4/5/2019 c17 1kuriboh1233
So is Ginny a metamorphmagus or was she just really good at self transfiguration? Also I really enjoyed that something actually happened. You did a really good job with all the world building and merging the two fandoms together but so much history over and over again starts to drag on. The story also seemed to pull away from Hermione almost completely and is more about her mom.

Either way I am enjoying the story.
4/3/2019 c17 James Birdsong
Good five chapters
4/4/2019 c17 Zakath1
Nice new chapter I’m glad we’re finally seeing the third ancient race in play. It’s interwsting to try and guess where you’re going with some of these plot threads I am seeing. Let’s see, we have Harry training with Sir Peter so we may end up with him and some of the others as warrior-mages ala the Knights of the Round or the Hound of Ulster. We have the Incans up to...something political. Maybe they’re connected to the people supporting Voldemort or to an anti-human group like Fairy Tale from RV? Might mean a potential political alliance between Dumbledore and our Granger/Mikogami group. Otherwise man I have no clue where you’re going with Ginny. I guess we may be getting a Youkai Academy PoV which is how you’re going to include more people from that side of the crossover? It will be interested whatever you decide to do.
4/3/2019 c17 Zifryt
Great chapter.
At least this time lockhart was useful even if it's in an indirect way
4/3/2019 c17 Suzululu4moe
Too bad Ginny isn’t going to jail. It would have been hilarious .
3/19/2019 c16 17Nomad-117
I see... very interesting indeed.

Didnt expect Khany to be a fan of Star Trek but the idea of her binge watching all the movies is strangely amusing. The fact that she offered Ross the technology to guide the world to such an advanced age is of course curious. After all, does this mean that the Fomorians were capable of interstellar travel? It could of course also just mean that she can give them technology that will lead in the right direction, and humanity will have to do the rest. Though assuming that they were capable of traveling through space... It begs the question why they didnt coloniue other planets. There are multiple possible answers for that. For example... they actually did, sent them of into the distance perhaps in stasis until they would hopefully arrive at their destination. Or perhaps their interstellar capabilites werent that much advanced that it allowed them to leave the solar system, lacking the means to terraform planets such as Mars would confine them to earth still. Or, and that is perhaps the most unsettling thought. They are other, more hostile creatures are traversing the spaces between the stars. Alternatively one could also assume that they saw no need to expand beyond earth given their limited population at the time.

Lets continue... so Azrael removed Binns from his position. I suppose one could discuss the morality on how it was achieved. In some way one could argue that Binns was forced to go beyond the veil, if you will. Though one could just as easily argue that all Azrael did with his nightmare was show him a truth he had known all along, but forgotten, thus allowing him to free himself of the burdens that kept him chained to the mortal world. The other ghosts at least seem to think that that what has happened was something they too, desire in their own way. I cannot say wheter or not that justifies things, though in my experience things are rarely as easy as good and evil, black and white.

Well as for the exo-womb... it doesnt exactly sound like something that I would be comfortable with but... at the end of the day I suppose it is just a tool. Unthinking, uncaring and unfeeling. It is more akin to a biological machine than anything given the describtion of it. I prefer it vastly over the Axlotl Tanks... never heard of them before reading this, but given the describtion they sound like something the chaos worshippers in 40k would create and like. And if those guys like it... well its kinda of good indication that there might be something wrong with it.

Anyway, so Khany receives her new body, and in the process looses any claim to the throne. A sensible approach I'd say. Who after all would like to serve an undying monarch? I am very much curious about what will happen in the future. Especially now that "Titania", who if I recall correctly is the Queen of Fairies, is trying to achieve her own goals. Although I have a question. Can they "merely" clone in those exo-wombs? Or are they able to modify the DNA in some manner. Because if a soul is created for the body they create inside. And they are able to modify the DNA in ways that ensures that they arent just clones of one anohter, or even related from a genetic point of view... they could resurrect their race. Just something that came to mind. At any rate, great job. It was truly a pleasure to read through.

Keep going.
3/10/2019 c16 Guest
2/27/2019 c15 Zakath1
Well, I understand that some things have to change for a crossover to work and I don’t think anyone should get mad over that. However I hold a pretty real fear that this story will run afoul of the pitfall of bashing the Wizarding World mercilesssly. I hope that when you present aspects of the Wizarding World you won’t just focus on the bad and use it to show how enlightened the other side of the fusion is. I think for a proper fusion you need to also show the good and rich parts of each culture. I’m hoping that you will get into the HP side of things more when Hermione returns to Britain.
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