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1/14/2017 c4 Guest
Good update.
1/15/2017 c4 3frenchbobcat
I wanted to start by wishing you a good recovery, I read that you were hospitalized, I hope you will feel better soon. I also wanted to reassure you and tell you to ignore some malicious comments. I find your idea very wise and if the hallmark film is not very good, the fact that you bring the characters and the universe of VM gives a new light and many interests. So please continue ...
In this chapter we witness their reunion, I was impatient. I think I already said it, too bad if I repeat myself, I love the character of Dick and the relations he has with Lorrie and Logan. It's comforting to know that Logan was not alone after Carrie's death and to raise his daughter. It is interesting to have Lorrie's point of view on Veronica. Veronica resumes her marks at MI, and soon she will look for a case, I suppose. Logan has already found taste for writing. I really enjoyed the wink to Frozen and Dick fan of this film, it was funny. I look forward to hearing from you.
1/13/2017 c4 jcampbell943
As things progress it would be nice to have V and Dick sit down and have a heart to heart. Dick has always been such a loyal friend to Logan. Having Dick and V clash is normal but with a child in the mix it might be nice to have Dick and V have a feel good moment.
1/13/2017 c4 14Kayte76
awww, this was a nice surprise. glad to see an update. Feel better!
1/13/2017 c4 vecabd
Awwww that picture of her in jail ! What an update ! Loved it. Perfection describing both sides of their encounter. And mostly Lorrie's perception of Logan. Kids notice these things. I can't wait for Logan to show Lorrie's picture of Daddy's muse.

Mac being a friend, beautiful!. It's no cheating having a drink with a friend. Totally agree with that. Dick being protective, another plus. I always wanted to see his character grow and here he seems much more mature and settled. Good good!.

I can't wait for more, please post an update soon :D
1/13/2017 c4 9kerali
I'm so sorry to hear about the author being sick. I loved the update and really enjoy this story and am so thankful to both for still getting this posted.
1/13/2017 c4 JoeCool701
And they live happily ever after...
1/13/2017 c4 InsanityFanGirl
I love this fic so much! Really! If someone doesn't like it, this doesn't have to bother you! It's really nice and I can't wait to read more!
I hope your health improves and you can return to your life!
1/13/2017 c4 cheshire15
I like it, but am confused on her actions with piz. It is obvious to all ( Keith, Mac,etc) that something is off and she isn't happy. Is she that emotionally lazy she will commit herself to someone because it is easy and she does not have to work at it? Even if he doesn't make her happy? Also, remember in p.o.l. she was single no guy in the pic, in v Mars, it wasn't serious and she broke it off /forced him to fairly quickly. Why is she so desperate to hang on to piz? The dude doesn't even know her like, at all. Suffocating Butt-Head is what he is and I'm sad she seems to have lost her backbone as well over the years
12/4/2016 c3 3frenchbobcat
You're mean to stop here ! We want more ...
I like Lorire and Dick relationship and It's funny to imagine Logan and Dick trying to take care of a baby.
The fact that you explore the muse thing is interesting.
12/2/2016 c3 jcampbell943
I love dick...he probably sees a squirrel. .

I can't wait to see what happens next
11/30/2016 c1 Abef
Oh No! not another story with a child- cue lots of "child-like" dialogue which is not interesting at all!
Stop it with the children and poop talk. I don't know who finds this interesting.
12/1/2016 c3 2Kesk0701
This is so great! Keep up the good work and update soon please.
12/1/2016 c3 26Josielynn
What a great ending to this chapter! I love how they both just say "Hey." There are so many ways to go with the next scene and when Veronica sees Logan's daughter and Dick... I can't wait to see where you go with this story. I love the whole premise of it. I love how wonderfully you have set the characters up. I am a fan.
11/30/2016 c3 vecabd
Oh such a beautiful chapter. Domestic Logan taking care of two toddlers. Dick being there for Logan, and being childish Dick. Lorrie reading about muses and worried about her Dad.
I had to go to AO3 to see Logan's pictures. He was mesmerized ... such a beautiful encounter. And we only read the beginning of it. Can't wait for more. :)
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