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for All it Takes is a Star

6/5 c9 kessiasilva984
Nunca será continuado? É muito bom!
4/10 c9 klagana1
Please please please update this! I love in so far!
3/24 c9 KasandraBlackk
Pity it wasn't finished! Harry and Tom interractions are very funny! Love Voldemort teasing him!
3/4 c9 Mari Wollsch
great, more please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
12/30/2022 c9 ElloynArvolo
Please Update, I love the story!
11/17/2022 c9 aurora rosalina
hope theres more to this
its a really good read
loved it
9/27/2022 c9 Pouuf
So good !
5/20/2022 c9 Guest
Please update, I beg of you!
I want more possessive Delphini and Teddy of Harry!
11/17/2021 c9 Bambina-belle
Please continue this story. It's interesting...
10/22/2021 c9 sapphire2468
Please come back and complete this or tell us there’s no hope for itI just need closure.
7/31/2021 c9 xDarklightx
I like it.
7/1/2021 c9 Sam
I am so sad that this hasn't been updated in years. I'm really liking Delphini in this and I'm not a big fan of her.
6/1/2021 c1 7Syd.Gardner
Very boring considering they invented the potion Hermione uses for the yule ball and several potions they use during the book series
4/27/2021 c9 Faery66
Hope to read more soon.

4/6/2021 c4 Guest
3 so cute!
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