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for Nightingale's Strain Book Two of the Nightingale's Odyssey

3/29/2018 c24 alexandra.ross.902
A PROPOSAL!Yay! Thank you so much for the beautiful story! Can't wait to read the others.
3/28/2018 c18 alexandra.ross.902
Absolutely stunning! I'm so happy about that chapter. I could see myself as a patron of the opening concert due to the intricate details. Thank you so much for the beautiful story.
3/23/2018 c5 alexandra.ross.902
I enjoy seeing how Erik reacts to Charles and caring for him since he was injured. Can you please explain what happened to Erik when Christine comes while he's playing? My guess is a severe panic attack but I'm not completely sure. Keep up the good work!
3/19/2018 c24 5iris2312
This was truly amazing! Your writing is so beautiful and clear. I really loved how you delved into Erik' s character and developed him into the man he was at the end of the story and it all seemed totally believable. And I really loved Charles, his character is so adorable. I can't wait to read the rest of the series! Great work!
4/16/2017 c1 Iso-AngelofDoom
The Nightingale's Strain
Now the romance comes.

I have always loved the story of the Nightingale and his Rose in Kay's novel. That's my second best-loved episode in it (the first is the one he dressed up as Angel of Doom and ordered the skeleton to come up to life). And that's exactly why I was attracted to your story in the first place, the idea of Nightingale's Odyssey sounds brilliant! The destiny of the Nightingale and Rose are just symmetrical to Erik and Christine in Kay's story. When the rose finally blossomed, the nightingale couldn't hold on. But who said there can't be any miracle turning up? Maybe his wounds healed miraculously at the last moment. Anyway, it's unbearable to think his first taste of love happened on his death bed. So I love your story so very much!

To say the truth, I was at first a bit uncomfortable of what a mess Raoul turned out to be. But Webber has already set a good example on this matter so that doesn't bother me as much. Also it's hard to expect a happily-married Christine to return to Erik when no direct reason was given. I'm nothing similar to Raoul-lover as well (to think he dared to shoot Erik on his back is unbearable!). So after thinking things through, I enjoyed the scenes of Christine's despise like 'he can drag his own body up the stairs to his room', I actually laughed out at the lines making my friends looking at me as if I'm mad. (Tip: Don't get women angry, you don't know what they are capable of!)

This story has a much lighter mood than the previous one. Though the rose was still shy, she was ready to blossom at the song of the nightingale. And Charles is a cute little boy, brave and still innocent. He has a far better life than his father and I honestly hope that his genius will be made good use of.

It's kind of funny to see that every time a part of Erik unveiled was because he lost himself in music and someone, Carnegie in particular, happened to be around. Of course, there are a few circumstances when his tongue just slipped. But there seemed to be no other way for people to know him. (Well, Christine can get him speaking if she wishes.) Since he established himself as a first-class gentleman, his past are just contrary to that concept and need to be hidden.

Also, though the bond is not very clear between the first and second novels, there are obviously many connections between the second and third. I can now understand how Nadir can give up so easily facing the consequences of Erik's withdrawal, it was supposed to be a life-or-death thing! Apparently, this time Christine it is who knew nothing has the real strength in the three of them.

It's fun to see him show off his skills in magic when dining, perhaps provided with a mirror he can do much more, maybe like making them believe they're eating someone else's course. (I don't know if that's possible but that's just an idea and it's always easier to dream.)

I love the change of narrative perspective in the first book, it's amazing how you managed to display the story through different perspectives. But in the second one, with only Erik's feeling shown, it's a bit difficult to understand Christine's behaviors.

I'm truly amazed at how you connected their relationship changes with the performance, also it's great of you to find the perfect setting for their story to take place. Everything seemed so real!

In conclusion, I really enjoyed your story, it's the best one among everything I have read till now. Though I haven't read much and there are so many great authors, I'm sure yours will always be among the best ones I've ever read.
2/22/2017 c3 2Isolated-AngelofDoom
Finally the Phantom gets a chance to live in light.
2/22/2017 c2 Isolated-AngelofDoom
More tricks, Monsieur?
2/7/2017 c24 332LittleLongHairedOutlaw
I just want to say, I read this fic in a day last week (and what a day that was) and loved it! I love things that take an alternate chain of events from Kay's ending, and this was so gripping. I especially love the fact that you included Erik's drug use, because sometimes that can be a facet in fic that gets overlooked, and in the context of Kay it's so, so important. Anyway, just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I loved this! I've been thinking about it ever since, and I can't wait to read the sequel!
1/13/2017 c24 3Phantomswoman
Oh my goodnss wht a beautiful ending to a wonderful story.
1/12/2017 c24 40E.M.K.81
Well, the audition is quite short - Erik playing and suddenly no one else wants to compete with him for the first chair violinist. But I guess Carnegie and Damrosch already knew they wanted him.

Erik sitting in a tree in Central Park - that must be quite a sight! I wonder if a larger crowd formed just to hear him. He is so very childish and playful when he's happy - but that's true to Leroux and Kay. Erik can be naive and childish when he feels comfortable and happy.

It is really good that Erik manages to stay away from opium now, but the withdrawal seems to have had a healing effect on him so he can now resist the craving for the drug (I can't believe that he does not feel that craving sometimes) by reminding himself of the tortures of withdrawal. Actually a good coping technique.

And finally he dares to ask her! Well, after all he had done to her in Paris, after she nursed him through withdrawal now, did he really have any doubts that she would stay? She saw the worst of him and stayed.

Well, now they can legally rise their child together. I wonder if there will be more children? Erik is 60, so it is not umpossible, if somewhat unlikely.

Of course I'll follow your next fanfic! Looking forward to it!
1/6/2017 c23 E.M.K.81
Erik is really going through hell. A broken arm is bad enough in itself, as is opium withdrawal. But both at the same time is surely hell. People with a broken bone get morphine to ease the pain usually and withdrawal is known to be extremely painful so both at the same time is unbearable.

But yes, he has no choice now. I wonder what that sleeping drug is? Must be a powerful narcotic. One can only hope he does not replace one addiction with another.

But it is good to see that he is not alone, he has Nadir, Christine and finally Charles who knows him to be his real father.

Poor Nadir, Erik is really being unfair now blaming the only one who is undoubtly innocent in this affair now and does nothing but help him. Maybe later when he realizes what it means to nurse a man through withdrawal (a very trying and disgusting job) he might confess that the accusations were wrong - or maybe not. He's Erik and sometimes is logic is really twisted.

I wonder if Erik is going through with his "revenge" forcing Nadir through withdrawal too. If Nadir was an alcoholic for 10 years he won't just stop drinking because his favorite whiskey isn't available when there is brandy and wine in the house - as soon as the physical symptoms of withdrawal begin, he'd drink anything that contains alcohol. I cannot really picture Erik really returning the favor and nursing his friend now (not now anyways, he's not strong enough and the arm has not healed)...

Well, Erik has a point: they have to wait until his arm finished healing before he can even try to find out if he can play the violin again. Only then can he know if he's up to the job he's offered now. Being a rich man he does not really need to work for money, I guess he'd just do it because it is his one and only chance to be accepted as musician in society - and to work with Christine.

I wonder if he dares ask for her hand in marriage now? After a proper mourning period for her as widow of course.
1/5/2017 c23 3Phantomswoman
Oh Wow Erik has done it, beaten the dragon, but I feel for poor Nadir.

great chapter
12/30/2016 c22 40E.M.K.81
Reading this chapter is like watching an action-scene from a movie. Since it is a good movie, I like it.

I'm not trained in fencing so some of the descriptions I did not fully understand, but this doesn't matter... I guess I understand the spirit of the impromptu duel. Though it seems uncharacteristic for Erik to insist on playing by the rules and proving himself as gentleman instead of using his unusual fighting skills to cheat and win with a minimum risk, but then, maybe he wants to impress Christine? Or does he just want to prove that he is better than his rival even in a moral sense (which is quite questionable, considering his past)?

I can't help thinking this fight in public is going to be a problem though. Everyone saw that the two were fighting, but if witnesses tell that it was Raoul who started the fight Erik might get away claiming it had been self-defense. He wouldn't be so stupid to admit that he actually wanted to kill Raoul, but the accident took that opportunity from him. If the investigation shows that it had been an accident in which Erik himself was hurt (a broken arm surely is a severe injury, especially in his age, he's about 60 now!)

I'm curious what the police will say now - and what the Daroga will tell Erik.

I wondered if adrenaline was known at that time and looked it up. It was first found 1856 and 1894/95 the major research was made and 1897 the first medicine named "Epinephrin" was created. So yes, Erik could know about this.

Happy New Year!
12/29/2016 c22 3Phantomswoman
Oh wow... I have no words, what a chapter. I am so glad Carnegie is such a good friend to Erik.

Great chapter
12/28/2016 c21 Phantomswoman
Oh **** I thought Raoul might be at that performance and oh no I hope The will both live, as much as I dont like Raoul, it would be better if he lived. *chews nails*

great chapter.
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