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for Hello Naruto World Goodbye Normal Life

7/12/2018 c1 4Luster Shady
first thoughts: holy shite that introduction escalated quickly.
2/26/2018 c1 3Konoha's Springtime Angel
Although it is a little rushed, I think this fanfic has the potential to become a really great story! I even found myself laughing a couple of times throughout reading this! Keep up the great work!
7/9/2017 c1 thanzintay.2000
Plz continue
8/28/2016 c1 1Murphy's Q. Law
This was really quick, good, but quick. You should draw it out more. Her name would be said as "Uchiha Yu", not the other way around. Just thought I'd let you know. All in all, I can't wait for the next chapter.
8/11/2016 c1 Alice
vivement la suite
8/13/2016 c1 4Jay Leonardo
8/11/2016 c1 12Aster's Descendants
A good start. I'll definitely keep my eye on this one. The only thing I suggest is maybe putting a little more into your chapters (make them longer) and I'll be sold on it.
8/10/2016 c1 5Kiki's Stories of Awesomeness
This seems like it could be really funny, I vote you continue it!
8/10/2016 c1 SnowCatt
That was fast. Abandoned, adopted, lost a parent, beaten by alcoholic dad, dropped from the sky, and finally, weirdly interrogated...all in just a few paragraphs. I don't know how to feel about this, so I think you should just continue. ;)

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