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3/1/2019 c18 Guest
this story was to gay to read
2/14/2019 c18 12UndertheSilkTree
I have greatly enjoyed your story! I loved getting Ethan's pov and how he felt about Benji. The action was well written and so were the emotions and interactions between the two men.

Thanks so much for sharing!
9/17/2016 c18 6Pond Melody
Ahh, have we reached the end already? I just want to thank you for writing this, because it is everything. I hope for and look forward to in fics, and they so are few and far between. I hope you continue to write for our boys.

Julia was such a pleasant surprise. I love that she recognizes Benji, and infers everything she needs to know about the situation just by the look on Ethan's face. I also love the silent fight Ethan and Benji have over Benji's O2 mask. And, Benji's apparent ability to remember things that happen when he's either drugged or unconscious and half-dead is brilliant.

Since Julia seemed to be on duty in the ER that day, I don't imagine that she would have been in the ICU much. In any case, I like to think that popped in to check on them both at least once. (Or maybe not. That might be a dangerous move. Still, I like to think that she at least thought about it.)

Will and Ethan's conversation was very sweet, and particularly reminded me of, "it's not your job to protect her. It's mine," from GP.
9/17/2016 c18 42CrazyBeaver
This story was so amazing and beautiful! I loved it so, so much.
I really hope you write more of such wonderful stories in this fandom, I feel like there has been a lack of Hurt/Comfort around Benji here lately...
Bless you for writing this. I'll be looking forward to your future stories if you decide to write any.
9/17/2016 c16 CrazyBeaver
The beginning of this chapter, with Ethan unable to see anything but Benji's face, is so beautiful... Ethan memorising everything about that face, as if for the case that he will never see that face again... It just killed me a little, in the best possible way.
Also, I didn't expect Julia to show up. It was such a sweet, sweet touch!

P.S. Dr. *Bisley*, you say? That is a brilliant reference, haha!
9/11/2016 c1 Someone
No, no NO! You can't stop it here like this :,(( Oh god I hope so much that he's gonna make it, he just HAS to :(
This is really really well written and one of my favourite MI fanfics, so please please update soon I just HAVE to know how it'll go on! :)) thanks so so much!
9/8/2016 c15 CrazyBeaver
This is so beautiful aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
I love how Ethan uses the fact that Benji will always do anything to HELP him. He asks for Benji's help, and that makes Benji focus all his forces.

And Ethan feeling guilty, and talking to Benji like this, and just the ending of this latest chapter - it all makes me so emotional even as I read it for the 4567th time now.
I cannot describe how much I love this story. Good luck with your further writing, I will wait for updates here.

Your writing is amazing, keep it up! Looking forward to the next chapters!

- love, CrazyBeaver, who can't log in at the moment.
9/6/2016 c15 6Pond Melody
Ahh, where do I start?

Ethan's, "I love you" was a little jarring for me, only because I realized that that was the first time either of them said that to each other in the whole sequence of events. It was jarring because their love for each other is so clear and well-written that, when I realized it had been mostly implied and not really explicit up to this point, I had to sit down and think about my life for a while.

That whole last scene just breaks my heart, and all of the wonderful little details about it, particularly: "Each person was holding their breath, as if their collective sacrifice could save breaths for Benji", Benji having trouble wrapping his head around the fact that Ethan will absolutely cry over him, "'Always you, Benji'", the way they both melt when each of them realize that the other is alive, Ethan whispering at the very end.

Also, I love how Benji goes into rage mode when he thinks Ethan's dead, but Ethan doesn't until he realizes that Benji is alive (although I guess having watched Benji be stabbed may have had something to do with it, too).

I love how Benji doesn't respond to Zhen (which is understandable, given the circumstances), but you know who he ISN'T too tired and in pain and shock to respond to? Ethan.

I love Zhen and Jane here in general. Thank you for them. I just love this fic more than words can ever describe, is all.
9/5/2016 c15 Pond Melody
I'm in an unreal amount of pain right now. They love each other so much and I can't handle it. I'll tell you about how much I love this in another review, after I've cried and sorted out my thoughts.

-Pond Melody, who can't be bothered to sign in
8/23/2016 c10 Guest
"If Benji was dead, they'd put him on display for me." I love this painful imagery
8/21/2016 c12 Pond Melody
Ethan and Benji's voice are on point at all times. I also love Will and Luther's dynamic in this story, and how Ethan has Luther's blessing re: his feelings for Benji. So good, so good.

Also, Ethan's determination to find Benji, even though he's convinced for the second time that Benji is dead? Benji's desire to avenge Ethan? "Do what Ethan would do" ? Too much for my heart to handle.
8/21/2016 c12 42CrazyBeaver
I love this so much. I love Benji's rage mode. It's only kind of hinted at in the movies, but I honestly think he's capable of so much more when he's really angry. Thank you for showing that.
Still, poor Benji, his leg is injured and then hurt even more during the torture... How is he going to make it? Can't wait to see, please update soon!
8/19/2016 c1 Sarah
I was just rereading your first chapter. OMG OMG OMG. "burned panic in his gut" is so visceral and such a powerful phrase, I was right there with Ethan and that line threw me against the wall with how strong the feelings were. I love the use of "burned" as a verb and it's so much more powerful than "made panic burn in..." Just... Oooohhhh. Again, thank you for this :-)
~putmoneyinthypurse, not signed in
PS. I actually do this because FFN won't let you leave more than one signed review per chapter, so being anon means I can come back in and comment whenever I want to.
8/18/2016 c9 Sarah
This is so beautiful. I can't even find words. Your fic just lifted me up at a time when it was desperately needed. Thank you so much for this and I can't wait to read more.
~putmoneyinthypurse, not signed in
8/17/2016 c9 CrazyBeaver
Do I get this right? Does Hunley think that Benji died in that second explosion? Oh gosh...
I love this soooo much! I love how brave Benji is, that is so *him*. This story is perfectly amazing so far.
Keep up the great work.
Looking forward to more updates 3
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