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7/28 c1 Caitlyn
Absolutely exquisite. Each chapter made me blush like no one, especially not a fic, has before! I love the carefree nature of the fic. This fic just has an aura to it. I love it!
4/7/2018 c21 STC
lot of fun reading this fic; I felt like I went to the beach too!
4/13/2017 c21 bookishgirl-love
I finished the re read! They are so sweet together. I only hope we get this in the 'non fanfic universe'! As usual, you're the queen of long, fluffy and beautiful fanfics! I bow before your greatness.
4/8/2017 c10 bookishgirl-love
'I love you. More than anything'. Ok, people. THIS. This is my new expectation for 2x19. Nothing less than this will be acceptable. I have spoken.
4/7/2017 c9 bookishgirl-love
Late to the reviewing party, I know. BUT THEY KISSEEEEEEDDDDDD! They are so cuteeeeeee!
And yes, I'm re reading this. December was to fresh in my memory to re read :)
2/28/2017 c21 lipamo
Thank you so much for writing this amazing story. Perfect ending to let us now how adorabke the make the transition into work and how the team cares. Loved every word!
2/28/2017 c20 lipamo
Oh my gosh you cant even grasp how much i love this! Your writing is impeccable and beautifully natural... i am so mich in love with this story...
Thank you endlessly
2/28/2017 c19 lipamo
Thsnk you dooo much for adding two more chapters and letting them have their first time now finally. So much tension needs to be released or i would have thought they burst. So beautiful!
2/27/2017 c13 lipamo
I love this story like my favorite food- it is afdictive and to purely wonderfully amazing... i dont want it to end - ever.
2/27/2017 c10 lipamo
Giod god yess i died out of sweetbess here - the best death possible. I fucking looove it! There is nothing better. Except maybe when the have sex finally. But this slow developement is sooooooooo endearing and beautiful ... endlessly and perfect.
2/26/2017 c1 lipamo
Oh i love this so you change from jane's to kuet's pov and generell the lack of angst is sooooo refreahibg and great to read. I love it so much!
2/9/2017 c21 67LAIsobel
Hey there
Thanks for the fluff!
Before Jane started to text the girls I just couldn't help myself but to see them coming back to the office like nothing happened and in a few weeks planning the mentioned trip to the Cony Island and there just out of the blue switching from the normal tension anyone could see between them to the new relationship they have, not saying a word, just holding hands or kissing over an ice-cream... :-)
And yeah, I could understand Kurt turning to Allie on the show for support once his world crumbled down after Jane's arrest and yeah, her being pregnant... But what the hell about Nas? That one night in Bulgaria? Okay mistajes happen but then just letting her in his life? Noooo! Hell no! Baaah.
2/8/2017 c1 LAIsobel
I just stumbled across this story and I keep on smilin like an idiot. Just what I needed after a hard day! :-)
1/31/2017 c21 20Vilian
I think I'm getting possesed not only by Blindspot itself, but by your stories as well :D This one ate 6 hours of my life (it's 4 AM now) and I have to say those hours were truly well spent. Thanks again for the fic, and please keep them coming!
11/17/2016 c21 KL
I'm just gonna leave this pic link here. saw it and totally thought this is Beach Weekend but with stunt double Kurt (Airon Armstrong)
www . /p/ BM1PtAuBWeJ
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