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11/5/2016 c3 gurat
every Saturday or Sunday, starting 2 weeks from tomorrow.
11/4/2016 c3 herseybarrules
well if you want a deadline, how about posting on the 3rd saturday of every month if you want to post once a month? or whatever day that you consider yourself free and do it weekly? only an idea
11/4/2016 c2 52Dr. ForgottenFables
What? A live action version of Bleach? NO! Why would they do such a horrible thing!? It's going to be like the Live action version of Dragon Ball Z all over again! Or worse the live action Sailor Moon!

Oh God have mercy!
11/4/2016 c3 1Lia Silverclaw
I think a new chapter by November 19 would be nice. I have enjoyed this story so far and I look forward to the next chapter.
11/4/2016 c3 Nolifeking222
i would say a chapter a week
11/4/2016 c3 1BrokenLifeCycle
Try two weeks from now at November 18 and we'll see how it goes.
11/4/2016 c3 2Phantom Trainer
i understand where youare coming from since i've gone through highschool and i'm now in my final year of college (fyi, that means i'm 7-8yrs older than you). anyway, i started writing bigger stories like this around my highschool years and i made my deadline to be at least once or twice a month if i could. i would recommend that method so you have time and effort to write great chapters and get everything else in life done.

good luck in you writing and life. you're writing friend, Phantom Trainer.

Phantom OUT!
11/4/2016 c3 TerminaPeaches
Okay, seeing that you are under a lot of stress, I will give you 2 months.

January the 5th is your deadline.
The chapter should be at min 2000 words.

I will be waiting :P
11/4/2016 c3 1yiggdrasill
glad to hear this isnt dead. try to aim for once a month/fortnight and if you go over try to throw two updates in to avoid missing it.
11/4/2016 c3 56BlueSweaters
I'm so glad this isn't discontinued. How about a month? Or maybe a month to write the chapter after you plan it out? Good luck in freshman year!
11/4/2016 c3 Thendtoall
If you post weekly then I don't care if there 3 paragraphs long
11/4/2016 c3 26Brago12716
November 15th, 2016
11/4/2016 c3 Verhullte
I was a freshmen like you until I took an arrow to the knee. I'm joking, on the arrow part. It doesn't have to all be done now immediately, but gradually.
11/4/2016 c3 1plbo
Try for 4 weeks so December 4
11/4/2016 c3 lusians
I sugest to try and do 1 chapter per 3 weeks to month that sohrt time I tried to write some kind of story it helped most
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