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11/4/2016 c3 lusians
I sugest to try and do 1 chapter per 3 weeks to month that sohrt time I tried to write some kind of story it helped most
11/1/2016 c2 Dr. Z
UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! Just a two chapters and I could already see the potential of the story. Ishida and Ichigo in Justice League? Now that is a sight to see or rather to read hahahaha. And them as partners? Well I can agree with Green Arrow, they are nothing alike and yet they're perfect, like a yin-yang. I can't wait for more chapters, I want to see the Justice League's reaction to the way how the two fight with their over powered powers. Ishida shooting multiple blue arrows and with Ichigo going Getsuga Tenshou, it will be badass! And I also like to see when Ishida and Ichigo is going at it each other because didn't those two sometimes comically arguing with each other? Well imagine those two did argue and the league have no idea what they are talking about, I wonder how they will react, I mean they are partners and they're relationship is like that. One second they were arguing and the next they are working with each other. Will the league knows about Hollow Zangetsu and Quincy Zangetsu? Because it will be cool if they also know about it too, accidentally of course, I'm not a fan where the others find out something because someone told them about it. I'm already imaging a scene where Hollow Zangetsu got bored and decided to possessed Ichigo, causing a ruckus just for the heck of it with Ishida trying to stop him though I don't know about what to do with Quincy Zangetsu, the only idea I have is where Quincy Zangetsu materializing in the Real World which is impossible I know but imagine their reaction when an old man with billowing dark cloak appeared beside Ichigo and introducing himself as a spirit that resides Ichigo's sword and also his mentor of sorts? Quincy Zangetsu is cool and I like to see how the others will interact with him being so quiet and with his habit of standing on the top of the pole. Imagine also with Ishida disliking the Quincy Zangetsu for being the younger version of Yhwach and when he is asked about it, the other will be immediately confused about what Ishida is talking about, I mean War, extinction, a song about the rising, Quincy race, the hell? Ara? I'm rambling again but I couldn't help it, whenever I found a story I like and has not been updated in a long time for my liking, I tend to create a scene in my head on what will perhaps can happen. Like I said your story is good and has a potential. Don't mind what I type earlier, you're the boss of the story, whatever you like to put in this, I will read it because this story is Fantastic so please update it as fast AS YOU CAN. I'll understand if you abandoned this story or this is in hiatus because a JL and bleach crossover is not that popular. I also understand the writer's block, writing a story is not easy as it looks like but please do update as long as you able to. Thank you
10/22/2016 c2 celestialfox1
please update this is an awesome story
10/2/2016 c2 5cg037
Nice story, keep up the good work.
9/28/2016 c2 1Downhillrabbit6
Enjoy High my man. Freshman year is easy if you don't focus too hard on one thing. Try not to fail a single class cuz' you are going to need room for error later on. Trust me. Other than that the story is fine. It held my attention and got to the point. Its also well written. Keep at and enjoy High school.
9/13/2016 c1 Verhullte
Instead of being dubbed Dark. I would go to Lucifer, yet still hold angel or saint.
9/7/2016 c2 56BlueSweaters
This is a good start; definitely worth keeping an eye on. I'm glad I found this.

Green Arrow should challenge Uryuu to an archery battle.
9/4/2016 c2 7SomethingAncient
This is a good premis, and the sentencing is easy to read. It's cool that you brought up the issue of public image and how discrimination might affect a hero.

There are a few things I'd like to point out if you're interested.

How does spirit energy (reishi) interact with the physical and magical parts of the Justice League universe?

If it works like any normal energy then the Bleach universe is actually significantly less powerful than the DC universe (There are multiple heroes and villains that can destroy the earth in one punch). So you really don't have to nerf Ichigo and Uryu at all.

Something else to note: Joining the Justice League is not like the Avengers, it has a completely different feel. It doesn't dole out work. Yes, heroes are called up if they're very suitable for a particular task at hand; but they can choose to say no at any time. There's no pay; and the league's biggest attraction is its information network, which can alert individual heroes of incoming threats.

It lets heroes work on their usual "turf" while alerting them to bigger incoming threats and allowing them to ask for backup. You could compare the gig to volunteer bush firefighters... I think.

Batman actually spends 95% of his time in Gotham. Green Lantern has an entire sector of space to police so he's probably not on Earth most of the time. Cyborg is often with the Teen Titans, etcetera. Most heroes, while part of the League, don't actually travel far for any reason; they save people where they live and work. And when a crisis occurs they do their best to help out where they are.

Anyway, just throwing that out there, ignore me if you like. Have a good night and God bless,
8/28/2016 c2 Jack the Stalker
Very intersting story so far, very eager to see what happens next.

Keep up the awesome work and update soon :)
8/26/2016 c2 Blue-Fire01
Nice start.
8/24/2016 c2 gurat
yes! great chp
8/24/2016 c2 2tresixteen
Looks like a promising story, keep it up.
I just have one question at the moment: Are you going to include culture clash? The League has a hard "No Killing" policy, but Ichigo and Uryu have no problems doing it if they have to, so I was wondering if you're going to deal with that
8/24/2016 c2 Catcrazzed
8/24/2016 c2 alice 0
OMG!OMG!OMG! Sorry fangirl moment! love this story, can't wait for the next chapter!
8/24/2016 c2 1yiggdrasill
this is an interesting idea, you see the avengers every now and then with bleach but this is the first JL story ive seen. lets see where you go with it. FYI fanfiction has a reply link for review when you get the notice for it. that way you dont have to do it in an AN
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