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3/28/2017 c6 12Prince-in-Disguise
So mysterious! I can't wait to read more!
3/27/2017 c6 TraegarTheCorsair
Come on! You can't leave us like that!

This gets more and more intriguing with each chapter. Can't wait until you update again (Please don't take so long for the next one :P).
1/2/2017 c5 Prince-in-Disguise
Wow, this is getting tense! I like it... :)
1/2/2017 c5 TraegarTheCorsair
Great chapter. This fic is really great and very original. Can't wait to see how the Guardians manage to escape (if they do 0_0). Btw I loved your take on the Toy War as a training simulation, very good idea.
Happy new year and I hope to see this updated soon!
11/14/2016 c4 2PinkStarLover000
Great story! Can't wait to see more ! :D
10/18/2016 c4 TraegarTheCorsair
This has gotten sooooo cool. Can't wait to read more.
9/11/2016 c3 TraegarTheCorsair
Very nice chapter! Im already looking forward to the next one
9/11/2016 c3 12Prince-in-Disguise
I loved the bit where Gamora helps take care of Rocket's shoulder. And Rocket working himself into a coma is simply adorable. Poor thing wants to fix everything himself! :D
8/28/2016 c2 Prince-in-Disguise
Aww, this chapter really hit me with the feels. Poor Rocket needs a hug...! Well, he doesn't want one, but, flark it, he needs one!

Great writing!
8/28/2016 c2 TraegarTheCorsair
This is getting reaaaaaaaally interesting, looking forward to the next chapter.
8/12/2016 c1 Prince-in-Disguise
I really like how you get inside Rocket's head. I like it a lot! Nice writing!

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