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for For a Chance at Happiness

8/29 c48 Guest
thank you for the chapter.
It's great, as always !
8/29 c48 fatj28
Thank you for this wonderful story your telling! I not sure how far of a story your intended to go but it going a great pace which maybe mean around 245 to 300 chapter in my opinion lol. I love the interlude of the other character and junko development with the hyuuga and the senju mokuton business. sad that the tenseigan not coming in the story but maybe in the future you do a alternate chapter or two on what if you went that way lol anyway thank for the wonderful story good blessing in RL .
8/29 c48 Kalkun
Love it!
8/22 c48 LostZoro
Wait, she’s still 6 years old? Girl I can’t wait for her to have babies on chapter 113535
8/22 c5 LostZoro
Uhmmm, what?
8/11 c48 Anonymous
I started reading this story years ago and ended at the latest chapter at the time, and I was totally hooked but so sad when I got to the "end." I didn't know that Eiron had continued writing until now literally years later (so freaking excited!) and literally stayed up until 4 in the morning to binge from beginning to end again. creis.

BUT WORTH IT. It's really making my day that the story hasn't dropped and is still in progress 2022. Keep up the good work! I'm rooting for you, and I'm dying to see how the story/characters turn out.
8/6 c48 4tpain341
I've just spent the last week reading this story. you have had me hooked and made it hard for me to put my phone down. I love the character development, range of characters, emotional depth and the plot (including the twists and turns). I just wanted to say thank you and I can't wait for an update :D
7/17 c48 5mingxingxing
contain spoiler

i thought her mother was part of the mokuton project of village proper (being bullied to it because she is shodaime granddaughter, they can't get their hand to Tsunade, Nawaki already dead) instead of definitely illegal ROOTOrochi mokuton project. so that crazy flower still inside her.

Will she get stabilize before Chunin exams?
7/15 c48 Tseiqyu
My hatred of ffnet continues to grow as it refuses to notify me when fanfics i'm really into update several times
7/3 c48 15SuzyQBeats
This story is great! Definitely looking forward to how you continue to grow the characters!
7/2 c48 2Obsessions121
It's been such an interesting read, and I like that the plot line is always keeping us on our toes. Junko is really powerful, and I'm worried for her as the dark side seems to be wiggling their way into her life and taking it over. Which leads me to the only part I'm missing, in the beginning it was like the Uchiha were going to be a big part with Obito/Shisui/Itachi, but they've kind of been really distanced, unless they're making a come back soon.
Good story so far though!
6/29 c48 Tayajk
Love this
6/29 c48 123lamiko
I love your last chapter, cant wiat to see where its going plz continue soon

6/28 c38 WannaBeAShapeShifter
This... could be both good and bad.
If she can get the Snake Contract, if Orochimaru can truly become her sensei and teach her wholeheartedly without wanting to experiment on her, then this could be great.
But... I doubt it.
6/28 c35 WannaBeAShapeShifter
It's an unconventional weapon, sure, but for the future... you need more powerful weapons.
Either stick with Taijutsu and hone it to the extremes, or maybe just choose a sword or something.
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