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9/29/2019 c5 Guest
Love this story!
2/20/2019 c5 1moriahskies
This is one of my favorite AUs out there. You kept each characters’ essence in tact while allowing them to be their best version. The reunion is bliss.
3/4/2017 c5 spk
OMG! This was absolutely hilarious! I LOVE it! :)
12/6/2016 c5 3brittany4824
Okay I finished it! Where do I begin?

1. I was okay that school started so soon ;)
2. YESSS EQUESTRIAN! Go LoVe's daughter! Haha
3. Weevil and Mac... hmmmm I could see the possibility. Never really thought about it before
4. This last chapter was phenomenal. Loved every second!

Okay, now I need more from you. Or maybe I'll go reread some of your other fics... hmm...
12/6/2016 c4 brittany4824

1. Loved the humor in this chapter!
2. Really Logan?! Really?! Oh the angst!
3. Onto the last installment!
12/6/2016 c3 brittany4824
Perfection! That's all I can say!

Okay... maybe I have more:

1. Mercer is such a creep
2. Lamb and Lianne in the storyline makes total sense
3. The vulnerability... GOSH I wish that would have happened in the series...
4. Perfection
12/5/2016 c2 brittany4824
I'm so mad! I have to stop reading momentarily and I just want to keep reading... I'll be back, but first, a review!

1. YOU AND THE ALPACA! lol I'm glad Bob made an appearance (even if it was just in memory/discussion lol)

2. Oh smut. You had me at smut. Very good smut at that!

3. There's a good mix of UST and actual encounters. I'm loving it!

4. It's totally okay that you went rogue on the schedule. If people complain about that, they need a life lol (because I do NOT have the time to just look up something like that... who does?!)
12/5/2016 c1 brittany4824
This is so believable! I'm completely pulled into this story!

1. Logan is the best, always. When stories don't nail him, I can't read them, but you always write him spot on!

2. I actually like Dick (the character hahaha), and for once I don't have to feel bad about it! He hasn't participated in any sexual assault, so I can just enjoy him as a character! It's rather nice!

3. HOT

4. I adore Lilly. I'm always down to read a fic with her in it.

5. The only Olympic sport I could see V in is shooting (or equestrian due to her love of ponies lol jk) so that's also believable. And Logan and Dick as water polo players? So accurate.
11/1/2016 c5 Angelpete87
I love the ending that they finally ran into each other and got married and their kids are competing in the olympics
10/31/2016 c5 Sunkissu9
I loved this story. It extended my trip and kept me thinking of Rio long after it ended. :) Thank you for sharing.
10/30/2016 c5 Nichole
Thanks for sharing! I was always excited to see an update for this.
10/30/2016 c5 Guest
Amazing ending just sad it's over... LoVed every bit they're so sweet together
10/30/2016 c5 7dabblingpen
Completely enjoyed this story!
10/30/2016 c5 44irislim
Wow. Congratulations on such a story well done! This chapter was spectacular!

The misunderstanding was totally them and ended up as such a romantic reunion! I'm a sucker for "even the universe could see they fit" coincidence stories. The texting also tugged at my heartstrings.

That epilogue...was the absolute best. Of course athleticism runs in the family! It's also lovely to see LoVe so in love after all those years. Johannesburg 2044! Why not? ;)
10/30/2016 c5 cubantigger816
This story very quickly became one of my favorites! I love how accurately you capture the characters even though it's an AU setting. I'm definitely looking forward to your next story!
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