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10/7 c20 tylerbraden13
This was abosutley amazing and I really hope you keep going also virtual hug back
9/13 c20 cabrera1234
will be still hook up with shuri i hope so.
9/12 c20 Guest
So excited to see an update for this!
8/25 c20 Bianca Pacheco
Thank you so much for updating this story. I always wanted to know how the story will played out if Peter Parker was involved more. Not to mention, the pacing and storytelling is absolutely well written. The characters are acted as if it realistic and true to the characters. Heck, even the jokes and small details are well thought out. I can’t wait for the next update, no matter long it takes.
8/7 c20 Guest
Oh my gosh! I cant believe you updated! (Squeals definently not)... thank you so much... hooe you are doing well and i can wait for the next suprise update xxxxx
7/30 c20 samaritan17
This was an amazing story that I just discovered a couple days ago. I hope you are able to update soon!
7/29 c20 Ochre57
This is my favourite fanfic hands down, you’re such a great writer and I love how you write Peter so in character! Please update, it’s so good
7/6 c20 Guest
7/6 c20 2SailorSea
Loved the update! I'm honestly surprised Tony is not freaking out but he probably doesn't realize the magnitude of the threat. Would love to see a chapter/portion of the chapter with him and everyone else in Wakanda hearing/Hunter gloating. Can't wait for more!
7/5 c20 ObsidianBlackCat
It lives! But will Peter? Who knows with this fic!

I've been reading your stuff since 2017, so I'm always glad to see an update. This story has certainly been interesting. I have to admit, I was expecting a Man-Spider thing to happen in the jungle, but now I see you're going the Kraven route instead. And boy are you putting Pete in a pickle. I can't wait to see if (when) Flash and MJ figure everything out! And how Peter manages to survive Kraven!

Unless . . . The Man-Spider stuff starts mid-battle and helps Hi, out?

A girl can dream! I'll be happy to read the developments regardless!

Keep writing!
7/2 c20 Guest
HOLY SHIT YOU UPDATED! This is seriously the best fic I’ve read in my entire life. I read it in April 2020 and I’ve been silently wishing that you’d update. Thank you for this masterpiece OMFG. (I’m so happy right now, oh my god). 33
7/2 c20 Guest
Holy fuck I totally forgot I had the email notifications turned on, but bruh, am I excited! I haven’t read it yet I’m still in shock from the update bc I though this fic was dead and I was so sad bc it’s soooo good. Ahhh I’m super excited to read, though I may go back and reread everything from the beginning just for fun…. Glad to have you back!
6/30 c20 Theobliviousoneishere
Amazing chapter as always! As long as you keep posting, we will keep reading! and no pressure on the updates! do it at your own pace to put out stuff your proud of! you got this! I believe in you!
6/30 c20 22curry-llama
Ahhh I really wanna see their show down now! can't wait!
6/27 c20 Guest
Omg this story is so so so good! Please keep writing lol XD
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