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for The Night is Darkest Just Before the Dawn

12/4/2016 c14 kliklikklik
12/1/2016 c1 Cas
Please continue this story :) Love it, and wold love for you to continue.
11/24/2016 c14 ZIZI90
Looks awesome :DDDD Continue Pleaseeee !
11/7/2016 c14 Satina 33.3
Please do more . Great story
10/25/2016 c14 Mick927y6
10/11/2016 c14 AnimeisGaaaay
Please write more. This is goooooood shit.
10/10/2016 c14 Kirsten L
Please make more. Please more senator Finch :D !
10/5/2016 c14 Renz
Please make more chapter :) Love it so much
9/16/2016 c14 Cas
Love it. Please make more. :) Can't wait for Senator Finch and Doomsday
9/14/2016 c13 Denz-El
I really liked this chapter! :D I'm a huge fan of "redemption after a screw-up" stories! And I admire Gordon's friendship with, and loyalty to, Batman. And of course, I'm just totally supportive of how you depict Clark in this! :D

GOD Bless, keep up the Good Work, and Keep Moving Forward! Amen! :D
9/13/2016 c14 Cas
Love this :) Can't wait to see Doomsday in the story. Please make more scene with senator Finch.

She is still an interesting caretor and love her trust part in Superman
9/7/2016 c12 8The Necroposter
What I like is that you don't just copy-paste the script and shoehorn a Sue/Stu in. This is your version of events. It's interesting and entertaining to read, small typos notwithstanding. :-)
8/31/2016 c12 Cas
Please make more :) Love them
8/28/2016 c12 Cas
Love your story.

Please make more chapters :)
8/27/2016 c12 Cas
Love it. Poor Superman. Please make more. :)
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