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12/12/2017 c1 20SaintClaire
Woah... this is wonderfull. I can't believe how well you captured his thought process in a rhyming poem. And English isn't your first language? When I read your first poem I didn't know that, and I didn't have any cause to think something like that. Just - your wording is absolutely on point.
1/27/2017 c1 5Corianna15
Love it. this was probably my favorite part of the movie.
9/3/2016 c1 Magis213
My heart is racing, I love this so much!
8/26/2016 c1 1melodyatmidnight
Whoa! This is a cool way to see this moment and well done. Thanks for posting! :)
8/24/2016 c1 Guest
This is really good! I love his this is written. Well done :)

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