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for Laptop of a Deranged Sergeant

7/11 c3 Guest
Thanks for butchering the video you useless, lazy, sack of sick. Kys.
4/28 c2 Guest
I like it but I believe that they seem to be unphased about everything... They seem to be there normal selves yes but I hate how u wrote them...
4/12/2020 c5 Guest
Never before did I expect RWBY and ArmA III to be together.
3/23/2017 c5 Raffimac
This is fucking gold
9/12/2016 c5 1OBSERVER01
9/11/2016 c5 Artyom-Dreizehn
lol I didn't expect you to react to soviet womble video hehe, love it
9/11/2016 c5 1Black hawk 15
Um... this is not #3... Its #2.
8/31/2016 c4 1OBSERVER01
quite good
8/26/2016 c3 Pinkpower
8/26/2016 c4 Pinkpower
Liked this one. How about them watching MGS V: The Phantom Pain Res Band Trailer?
8/26/2016 c4 Artyom-Dreizehn
scheestation 4, xschee one and scheeii u. lol. good cover about the rwby personality and reaction towards the videos, it's not ooc for them. try bloodborne for them or its dlc. dark souls 3 also.
8/14/2016 c3 Guest
P.s bloodborne could defiantly be interesting due to the parallels and differences between the beasts and the Grimm, and the hunters and huntsmen.
8/14/2016 c3 Guest
Defiantly loving this so far. Please make more with vaati's videos, if only to see Weiss try to piece the infamously vauge soulsborne lore together, for all games. I would also like to see if they learn the Myrid of lessons interwoven with the stories of the characters, if not their own interpretations of the tales.

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