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12/27/2021 c42 Goodtome
Loved it best present ever
12/26/2021 c42 3Kaname671
Ahaha this was fun...they really pulled a fast one on their friends. Thanks for sharing, Genie!
12/22/2021 c42 ELinkA
Thank you!
12/21/2021 c42 3Uncle.Sarge
The ending made me smile. The Clause couple was really nice. And the only people who profited from their own embarrassment was them haha.
12/21/2021 c3 12Parkerbear
(this is a review to your Chapter 3 here, bc I dunno if it would make sense otherwise - but I dunno why I can't stand the thought of Kuon's 'nice' girlfriend, even if he and Kyoko did end up together. Like, the idea of there being a 'connection' to anyone else gives me angst! Argh. still a very engaging one-shot. Thank you!)
12/21/2021 c42 sspaulina
ohh this is adorable
12/21/2021 c42 10black neko hime
I love it.
The world will have to forgive me my raspy squeals.
12/21/2021 c42 4kotoko-98
I love this one shot, it was so funny and heart warming
12/21/2021 c42 8mimagfan
Oh my god, that was the sweetest of sweetest... I adored it. Thannnkkk youuuu. This Christmas present is perfect. So adorable and awesome . Giggles. Kisses. Mimagfan
12/21/2021 c42 7Tloakk
The best. 3
12/21/2021 c42 104claraowl
That was adorable!
Aww, yay :D
12/21/2021 c42 92ktoll9
Perfect! Loved it!
12/21/2021 c42 Noveisadoge
That was so unexpected I laughed right out loud. Awesome tribute to our girl’s birthday. Think they’ll tell everyone? Poor Okami-san
12/21/2021 c42 12Parkerbear
Awwww! So cute! Really enjoyed that! I've been saving this collection for a rainy day, I should probably get to reading it! Looking forward to more of your writing whenever. Thanks!
9/25/2021 c14 27Jhiz
I think it would be VERY hard to resist that hand. Smooth use of a canon image.
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