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for Freddy Fazbear's Vocaloid Pizzeria

10/21/2016 c6 1Oblivions Boatman
great story so far hope it's updated soon
9/12/2016 c6 2SpartanXHunterX
So i found this Fic while late night browsing and had placed it in my favourites list cause I wanted to read when I wasn't about drop dead from sleep.

So of course, I was immediately drawn to the 'Vocaloid' Animatronics and cause (as far as I'm aware) your the only person who has put links to what your 'Vocaloids' look like which really helps with immersion, of the story. Odd how the marketing crew made Chica so... Teen appealing, If you would. (sure you're basing the designs done by the Fan art) Bonnie and Mangle are fully clothed showing only their hands and face, Freddy's shows his arms more than the latter two but nothing more But... and this is a big But, Chica has been designed to show off her thighs, stomach, arms(up to the bicep) and the skin between her collar bone to the top of her... 'coughs'... Breast's, She's an odd contrast to her fellow Band-Mates and I'm surprised that There hasn't been any 'controversy' on that topic... Unless you are planning that for the future of this Fic.

The second thing I was drawn to was SAO, I'd never heard of it before this fic so i had to look it up just so i wasn't missing any details that could be relevant to the story and FUCK ME am I happy I did. Of course, Alex is not the main protagonist of SAO Cause Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya is (yes i Wiki'd this) oh? whats that I see? Kirigaya? That's Alex's last name Isn't it? from his Adopted Family no-less... What a Mighty Fine coincidence. Now does that make Alex another Beta tester or one of the newbies who joined after the Beta Test, and That Metal object he brought from home... how's he get permission to use that? (no spoilers for the dimwitted).

Now was the brother he Skyped Kazuto or someone else?

And while I know next to nothing about SAO I can see how something like that could cause PTSD and how the animatronics/ Vocaloid's would stir that up again, The feeling of being trapped, With no way out until time is up, Unable to fully defend Himself and confined into a small sealed room while he watches what could possibly be his Killer stalk towards him, Held back by contact From doing harm and even with all defenses in the room He knows It's still not enough to just sit back and relax.

'Cause Chica suddenly turning around after being electrocuted is one thing but I don't think that should have removed the 'control' that our mysterious perpetrator had on her, sure the system reset could have wiped her systems and coding back to normal and left her memories in place in her hard-drive (cause you did make it clear they weren't perfect flesh and blood but near perfect resemblance of that), I figured our Villan would take measures to ensure that they, and their work, is not discovered But hey I digress YOUR story YOUR rules.

I personally like the Greedy Money-Grabbing Mr. Fazbear really Gives you a reason to put a lot of hate on someone and let the audience have that One Character they Hate with a passion, It helps when The Animatronics, Or in this story the Vocaloids, Hate him too only 20 Chapters later for him to do something to no longer hate him... or just have him as the 'Bad Guy' of the story.

Not a fan of Quick progress Relationships, Just going from Preditor and Prey to Friends to Lovers in less than a chapter is very unappealing BUT here is not so much the case, Chica Knew she felt some kind of attraction towards Alex the moment she saw him and the Three days of trying to kill him (due to being controlled) had her emotions run high with sadness that possibly the one person who she has felt something for could be killed be her own hands. Same for Alex, his visions, dreams and PTSD have all but raised his emotions to near unbearable levels and adding the fact that just about everyone else gives him funny looks wherever he goes had left that feeling of loneliness and inadequacy so him falling for the first Person who showed genuine romantical interest Wasn't such a huge surprise.

BB YOU SHIT, God I hate that little Fuck ball spawn of the Devil with his stupid Ballons and Annoying laughter and permanent Smile... You really portrayed every emotion that each FNAF player has felt when that Fat sack was just there in the corner of the office leaving you completely defenseless against Foxy OR The marionette OR whoever was closer. Just the simple thing that he can shut down your only Lines of defence made Everyone prioritise that Motherfucker after night two, And Alex felt it too Just seeing the little Squirt Escort Chica into the room made him realise just how much of a threat he really is and he can always do it again, Who's to stop him from leading Freddy, Bonnie or Mangle into the room? so really, For survival sakes, BB needs to be 'Fixed' Next.

The originals are really throwing me off some here, are they controlled In the same manner as the Vocaloids and used only when they can't get a guard within the first 5 hours or are they possessed by the spirits of the dead children, cause you haven't specified about the event's in the past only simply stating that there a thing of the past.

Can't wait to see the rest of this, See you Later.
8/22/2016 c6 ZCWriter-344
I really like this story, it's just that I'm terrible at doing reviews due to my social awkwardness. It's even worse than usual, my guess is that it's because I go to college in a few days and the stress is starting to build up.
8/22/2016 c6 5GreenDo
( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

Alex certainly has been a naughty boy tonight hasn't he? I like to imagine that while those two were going at it BB was watching through the glass the whole time and had a look of horror on his face.

Also I'm going to have a little guess here, because of the nature of Golden Freddy if he ever does make an appearance it will be through Alex's PTSD I'm assuminng.

And with someone hacking the animatronics the story will certainly become more interesting, I'm inclined to believe that now Chica has snapped out of it she will be passive now?

As for the rest of the animatronics, they'll figure out a way to get in won't they? I doubt your going to let Alex off the hook this easy.

Lastly, remember to use protection kids.
8/22/2016 c6 32Anime PJ
Sh*t, if I knew it was that easy, I'd have bought a taser ages ago. XD

That scene where BB took down the electricity was genuinely horrifying, and for a moment I actually thought Alex was going to have to escape by ripping the vents off the wall, or something. It turned out pretty good for him, though, eh? I'm not usually a fan of pairings that move quite this quickly - I'm fine with fast pairings, but for me "fast" means a few days, or even a week - but I'm fine with this, because you did have some pretty good reasoning behind it.

Nice job on the chapter, and I'm looking forward to next time!
8/21/2016 c5 FatMIRVman
I got too say this is very good like the rest of your work, I'm really interested in what's going to happen between Alex and Chika, I'm also very interested in how he deals with those Hellspawn animatronics, and finally I can't help but think the vocaliods fear of those demons is going to play a big role and the fact they looked worried about him is another thing that's got me interested in spite of the fact I HATE JUMPSCARE AND HORROR GAMES EXCLAMATION POINTS.
8/19/2016 c1 BarryLiV619
This story is awesome, love the horror and funny moments when Alex thinks about Chica!
And the flashbacks and daydreams really good! Hope to see more. :)
8/19/2016 c5 5GreenDo
Damn Bonnies persistent isn't he? Going as far as to appear in dreams just to scare him, sort of like my friends Ex, crazy bitch won't leave him alone.

As for this chapter its interesting to see Alex fight his demons both at home and at work, it seems that because of the nature of his work he is starting to struggle between what's real and what's not, I feel that his PTSD is going to really hinder his decision making in the coming nights.

Mr. Fazbear sure is a nice enough guy isn't he? Its good to see an incarnation of him which cares for the wellbeing of his employees.

Lastly I'm going to throw my prediction for what Alex's metal object is and that would be a tazer just because it would mess with their electronics, I await the next chapter eagerly.
8/19/2016 c5 32Anime PJ
I've got to hand it to you, I genuinely thought Bonnie was in his apartment for a little while there. That scene was pretty intense, and when Bonnie grabbed him from under the bed, I honestly felt like some sh*t was about to go down.

PTSD flashbacks, nightmares, and sexualised daydreams about something that's trying to kill him ... Alex should probably get a therapist. Granted, it's not surprising that he'd have thoughts like those given the circumstances, but that can't be healthy ... He's still handling his job like a pro, though, which is nice to see. He's not just sitting idly by and hoping he survives the night, and that's really good to read about.

Can't help but wonder how his family back in Japan will react when he tells them about his job ... That conversation is either going to be really dramatic or really amusing.

It seems that Alex is stepping up a little for his third night at Freddy's. Can't wait to read about how he handles things this time.
8/18/2016 c4 Anime PJ
... Animatronic Bonnie is terrifying. The Toy Animatronics - or Vocaloids in this case, I guess - being afraid of the old Animatronics is an idea I've never seen in a story before, and it's certainly an interesting one. I felt genuinely tense at the end when the Vocaloids started hiding and Bonnie was banging on the door. Well played, man, that was genuinely terrifying.

Chica is one devious Vocaloid, isn't she? Trying to play off Alex's hormones like that ... well, it can't be said that she isn't intelligent. What you showed of Mangle was pretty good, too; the fact that she's insane should make her a little more interesting to work with than the other Vocaloids. Still looking forward to seeing Foxy in action, but it's nice to have some information on him, at least.

Ah, okay, the thing about the PTSD makes sense. Keep up the good work.
8/18/2016 c4 5GreenDo
Oh Boy, it looks like Alex is in for it now! I'm guessing judging by the Vocaloids reactions they are genuinely scared of the older models?

I'm inclined to believe that Alex's internal arguing is going to lead to some bad decisions, I'm quite excited for these new renovations, it certainly did look like Bonnie was going to get in. I am curious about what the significance of seeing Chica and Freddy gone when they didn't actually make an appearance is.

Oh and lastly I have a really good FanFic that you should read, check out "Charm Your Nightmares" it is absolutely superb!
8/16/2016 c3 32Anime PJ
PTSD, huh? Not surprising, really, considering what he went through with SAO, though the fact that it would manifest through the animatronics is rather interesting ... That scene in the shower was kinda weird, though.

Alex has got quite a brain on him, huh? Putting grates on the vents should do something to help, even if they don't permanently keep them out. Decommissioned Vocaloid, huh? And in Pirate's Cove, too ... well, time for Foxy to scare us all sh*tless. Can't wait to see if Alex's survival instinct pays off for him. I like this guy, he's got a real survivalist attitude about the whole thing.

I look forward to the next time you delve us into terror!
8/16/2016 c3 5GreenDo
First off, THANK YOU.

You are the first person I've ever seen put some damn covers on the vents, you do not know how much this makes me respect you.

I think you answered my question well, nothing screams outside like a wet dream in the shower.

Also I see Foxy is coming into play, I assume he will work like he did in the first game given how Pirate Cove has returned, I feel like I shall receive my answer very soon.

And lastly, please view this in a comedic fashion. How did the cupcake move on its own?
8/15/2016 c2 GreenDo
First I apologise if my previous review left you uncomfortable, I was just concerned that with the inclusion of vocaloids making everything cutesy that this story would forget the staple of the FNAF franchise which is of course horror. But as we can see in this chapter you do exactly as you say, you imply Chica sees something more in Alex bit that of course is overshadowed heavily by the horror element of this story, this is good.

I like Alex as a character, he's not the usual "Oh mah gawd I'm gunna dye g00d fing I have me ploot armors" he is a level headed young man who really shines in this role thanks to his SAO experience, sure enough I did not expect him to die on his first night given how he is the protagonist but I will be honest with you, that part with the cupcake really threw me off guard, I anticipated this night to be Alex slowly getting the hang of it without any close death experiences.

Lastly, are we now going to see some expanded universe outside of the pizzeria or are going from night to night? Either way, I'm hooked.

Again I'm sorry if you were made uncomfortable.
8/15/2016 c2 32Anime PJ
Going by that last scene, I'm not sure whether you want to make us aroused or terrified. Whichever it is, you have somehow managed to succeed at both, which is a REALLY weird feeling.

You've managed to recreate the atmosphere of the games really well, considering I never thought it could work as well in written format as it does in the games. That first scene with Chica in the office and Alex in the mask, for example, was a genuinely intense moment, and I applaud you for it. I can only begin to imagine what will happen when you bring the other animatronics into play.

I've really enjoyed this chapter, so all I can really say is keep up the good work.
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