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4/26/2021 c1 reisova
Cute story
6/8/2020 c1 Clare
A smart fanfic! Very sweet! I laughed at Georg having a big hissy fit over not wanting to climb a tree with the children and then pulling a 'Do you know who I am?' type of attitude when Maria questioned him about it. And the fact that he only confessed a month later on their honeymoon when Maria wanted to go up the Eiffel Tower is funny too. At least she was able to tell him that it didn't matter to her or the children though :) just in time for a sexy ending.
7/7/2018 c1 8IDontKnowYourSignal
Such a fun story written in your usual, gorgeous way!
Loved Georg's little tantrum under the tree with Maria and the boys, I can easily picture him huffing off rather than fess up to his phobia! And Maria just kept prodding him, which didn't help.
Loved his confession, and how understanding Maria was.
For me, your story wasn't silly at all - I live with a tall, burly bloke who fears nothing except being more than three feet off the ground. And yeah, like Georg, he was embarrassed and in the early days would rather argue about it than admit to his fears. No, your story made perfect sense to me!
6/23/2017 c1 Grunt
Oh Georg, you are such a lovely person!
5/13/2017 c1 MsLizzie regrets
Such a sweet story. I loved it.
3/22/2017 c1 73UndoubtedlyTheWine
Haha! This was really sweet. He was afraid of heights :p I had started to worry little when he first refused to tell Maria about it, before their marriage that is.
But this was so much fun to read :)
12/25/2016 c1 33augiesannie
Can you forgive me for being so late in posting these reviews? Because, oh, I loved this and remember laughing out loud when I first read it. When I started it, I thought it would be angsty, of course, and then it was sexy, and then it was funny (but poignant too). What a wonderful idea for a story! (Also loved the bit about why she liked resting her head on his chest...) L-O-V-E.
11/14/2016 c1 JasmineGabrielle
Such a lovely and imaginative story, thank you for posX
10/8/2016 c1 28Mie779
very sweet story... liked the idea of him not wanting her to know about him being afraid of heights...
10/6/2016 c1 15ThePoorDidntWantThisOne
Well this was just adorable! I loved the way he tried to simply grouch his way out of admitting the real problem... this was a great idea and so well executed!

Frankly I think it's perfectly within character for him to at least have one fear! My husband is a 6"2 retired military ex-football player and I assure you I have to go into the shower and rescue him from bugs all the time! The bigger they are the harder they fall honey!

Fantastic story! Loved it!
10/4/2016 c1 melu785
This is so cute! Keep on writing :)
8/16/2016 c1 leonie
I thought his secret could have been that he's claustrophobic caused by his years in submarines.
8/15/2016 c1 Jen
This was so sweet. What a cute secret.
8/16/2016 c1 Giulia993
Loved it and love your writing! Good job
8/16/2016 c1 10bloomandgrow
This was so adorable. What an endearing secret. I think you have managed to make the Captain seem even more appealing. I enjoyed his little tantrum before they married and then his confession on their honeymoon. Beautifully written as usual.
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