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for Revival Zero

8/31/2016 c4 3suppes1
post soon
8/25/2016 c3 20poetrymagic12

Now you have Yuri spying on the doctor...I'm interested on what will happen when Yuri goes to the Western Tower. Also will be able to free Selena from her brainwashing? And at what cost?

8/19/2016 c2 poetrymagic12
UPDATE SOON! This story is getting so good! Can't wait to read more!
8/19/2016 c2 3suppes1
i've taken a liking to this story keep going
8/17/2016 c1 25HelenTheMoon
You need to write shorter sentences. You know, using full stops and the like more often. It makes the text easier to read. As for your idea, it's pretty interesting! You should keep at it.
8/17/2016 c1 20poetrymagic12
I always wondered if Yuri would ever question The Professor's actions eventually. The fact he does, what he tells him questioning his motives. As long as he got to have fun on his missions.

Is this it of the story? Or are you making more chapters...? This has the potential to have a several I think...I would love it if you did...because I would love to see Yuri reporting to him about Yuzu. Him acting like he normally does but noticing Selena isn't acting like herself. Not realizing that she is brainwashed. There is so much potential in this story...at least make another chapter.

Also thought of an idea for another story...what if Selena asked Yuri if she could go with him outside when she was imprisoned in Academia all the years prior. Yuri tells her no and he is just following orders ...he doesn't show it but it's secretly to protect her. Selena just think his being mean, like the professor he won't let her go in the front lines...and all the times attempted to escape he protected her at least when he wasn't on one of his mission's. This made it easy since people feared him. Serena didn't understand why they did since he never saw him action. I don't know what you think of it but I thought it was a cute idea. I will leap for joy if do any of my suggestions. Thanks.

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