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5/26/2020 c4 KazamiYuukaDesu
Oh... hmm that seems to be Chaos from Sora no Otoshimono. Am I correct AkumaKami64-kun?
5/20/2020 c4 2Seth A. Mincberg
...ok. So, umm..yeeaahhh... that happened... I can honestly say I was not expecting that ending. Can't wait to see how you add to this.
5/20/2020 c4 2Isaac LB
Another player or a possible NPC.
Well someone had to take the place, now the real question is: What do you hope to gain from this? Is it a sign of compassion, altruism? Personal gain? Investment?
5/20/2020 c4 6T-Biggz
A loli-nun with metal wings? I'm getting major Grim Tales vibes and I can't figure out why. This character doesn't seem like anyone from the Anime so that's where I'm getting my tho-... is it Minimandy? -_-
5/20/2020 c4 21edboy4926
Good chapter
5/20/2020 c4 UnsanMusho
Why does that winged nun sound so familiar? Anyways I wonder if you're still going for the same route in Grim taking hold of the E-Ranel village?
5/20/2020 c4 Horrorchow
Hypehypehype more grim please
5/20/2020 c2 UnsanMusho
I hope that Demiurge will remain loyal to Grim, after seeing Grims thought during their talk I was a bit worried that there will be confrontation in the future sine Grim isn't as naive as the cannon Ainz.
5/20/2020 c1 UnsanMusho
Very interesting fic you got here. I love how you types Grims line in his accent but I still wonder if he in addition to his Power from the game also has his power as a grim reaper? That just makes him even more OP then regular Ainz. Also I wonder if Mandy or their children will make an appearance in this fic? I doubt that since I can only imagine what Mandy would do to this world LOL! Though if Junior and Mindy would appear this could give them a chance to get closer as siblings (or more depending on what your comfortable writing) without all the hussle and bussle of their usual life.
5/20/2020 c4 1davycrockett100
awesome :)
5/20/2020 c4 Shirosaki Kizuro
I tried searching loli nun with metal wing, doesn't work
5/19/2020 c4 5Orchamus
….Da Fuck? A loli nun with metal wings...nope, doesn't ring a bell. Still, great chapter, thanks for the read-
5/19/2020 c4 fafnir1404
Yay! This is updated! Thanks for the chapter!
5/19/2020 c4 2Brave2000
ah hell yeah! it is alive. i was hoping this story was not dead, and you give us this amazing update. things are getting spicy.
i also can't wait for the residents of nazarick to meet jr, however long that takes.
keep up the good work!
can't wait for more.
3/27/2020 c3 2CyberDragonEX
I somehow missed your comment about 2ni's appearance. Might I suggest Ruby Rose from RWBY?
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