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10/1/2018 c2 YouBrokeEverything
plz update soon your writing is amazing
9/27/2018 c2 3Merkoid
Halle—the fucking—lujah! There's finally a new chapter!
Praise be the Lord has answered my prayers!
9/25/2018 c2 Guest
Quick question are we going to see grim jr in any future chapters, I mean being part reaper he should be able to travel to different dimensions to find his father. If he is can he help his father try and rule the world it might be a good be fun for both of them and it probably be a good bonding experience for both of them. If he’s not how about he we replace pandora’s Actor with a figure who’s similar to jr in character, skill, and power.
9/21/2018 c2 Voltrasin
I have 2 questions. Does Grim still have his scythe, if so, is it its' own item or merged with the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown? Will Pandora's Actor be different with Grim as his creater?
9/20/2018 c2 Za Warudo
I am so glad you updated this! I've been hoping you would continue it, I love everything about this story! I especially like the nostalgia when I read Grim's internal dialogue in my head with his accent, it just amuses me to no end! I hope this becomes a semi-often updated story it's so great and so unique! Keep up the awesome work!
9/16/2018 c2 unknown
Love this story please update soon if possible
9/16/2018 c2 4ChaosWarPriest
Loving this when this got updated I damn near lost it honestly I can't wait for freaking Clementine, the lizardmen, even jaldabaoth.
9/16/2018 c2 11Notsae
Delightful, hope to see more soon.
9/14/2018 c2 Diggin
Well i thought this was deader than monmonga so I'm glad it's being continued though I am a little worried it will follow the plot to hard it's still early days so I am cautiously optimistic. All im all good job keep it up ")
9/13/2018 c2 144Quatermass
Okay, I must say, despite not liking "Grim Tales of Billy and Mandy" (or even having watched it), I FOOKIN' LOVE THIS CROSSOVER, MON! Seriously, a Jamaican Reaper becoming Momonga? 'Jamiacan' me crazy with anticipation!

Also, making Momonga (or his substitute) saner and better able to handle the NPCs is always a good thing. In my recent "Code Geass" crossover "Plenipotent Player Prince", Momonga (reincarnated as Lelouch) basically brings the NPCs around to his way of thinking by pointing out Ainz Ooal Gown's origins were as a means of protecting players playing monstrous characters. It helps that many of the NPCs were reincarnated as various "Code Geass" characters, including some who were less privileged than others (Kallen, being a reincarnated Albedo, has a slightly better attitude to humans due to her admiring Naoto).

Also, I've love to see more of your "GATE" crossovers. I hate to pester people for updates, as I hate it being done to me, but...I'd love to see more of those in particular. ;)
9/13/2018 c2 21edboy4926

Awesome chapter.
Wonder how will Grim deal with Clementine.
9/13/2018 c2 2Another Guest1029
I cannot wait for the guardians reactions to Grimonga's wife and kids. I really want to see them doting on the kids while secretly plotting to kill Mandy all the time.

That said, I'm also dying to see Grim go nuts on this world once he learns he's the strongest thing on the planet, and all kinds of other fun stuff.
9/13/2018 c2 frostcat69
Thank you for the update. I really enjoyed it. More please.
9/13/2018 c2 3The Richmaster
Okay, I am really liking the way you showed the differences in Grim and Momonga's actions as well as how his powers affects the way he interacts with his subjects. meaning that he is used to giving out orders in a way that is harder to be misinterpreted.
The fact that he kept his powers could lead to more interesting things considering the fact that it would allow him greater control of the concept of death.

Due to the different experiences to Momonga, Grim would be able to talk about some really interesting thing that the NPCs haven't experienced... actually, I can't help but wonder what they might think upon hearing that he actually has children.
I can just imagine him saying something like, "Ah, yes, Junior was the one who first brought Yggdrasil to my attention... so without him, this dear Guild would never have been."
9/13/2018 c2 Zapper3000380
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