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for Under My Skin

5/23 c1 BigRig2.0
Trash fic
1/29 c17 9AddyTonks957.42
Are you sure this isn't on hiatus?
1/9 c17 Guest
Update one of the two please!
2/20/2020 c16 Guest
more chapters less author notes taking half a page please
6/27/2019 c13 Guest
Harry ship ivy she likes how is with her babies enough that I don’t think she be opposed to making a few with him. I get the impression she would absolutely love babies especially her own more so if they were his too and so not only magical but with a magical affinity for plants too.
And they’d be green eyed.
Also Harley is obsessed with him but doesnt deserve him yet, she hasn’t quite tried to rape him, though it seems like he would let her. But I don’t think she can truly love him, she desires him a lot but that’s mostly lust and intrigue
6/27/2019 c11 Guest
He should most definitely fuck poison ivy, she’d be such a loving mother
And she must be super fertile pregnancy guaranteed
6/27/2019 c5 Guest
They are muggles.
They can’t see or find the wizardimg world much less get past wards to threaten anyone.
Besides if he really meant to fight theyd be dead or incarcerated by now, it’s not like they have any defences to magic.
The only reason Harry’s there is because he wants to be. He can apparats away any time he wants.
5/19/2019 c17 2AkaDeca
Really excellent ish you update this
5/19/2019 c16 AkaDeca
Really wish you continue this
5/19/2019 c15 AkaDeca
Excellent chapter! Please update soon!
5/19/2019 c14 AkaDeca
Best chapter so far
5/19/2019 c13 AkaDeca
Harley is becoming better
5/19/2019 c12 AkaDeca
Ivy is a beautiful queen here. I’m proud
5/19/2019 c11 AkaDeca
What is happening!? Sweet thing with the flowers
5/19/2019 c10 AkaDeca
Love how she feels bad now. Harry is excellent here
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