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8/1 c2 Serennos
A delightful re-read...
7/27 c1 Happy
I just adore this story. I’m RE-reading for the 10th (?) time as an escape-reward for an excellent day of work. :)
6/18 c5 Sao
Beautiful. ️
3/5 c5 Guest
3/2 c4 caramelminx
Thanks for expanding the one shot. I loved how the first time they had sex after meeting again was bad but very fertile! I also enjoyed the chapters regarding Imogen and Paxton. Great job
3/2 c5 caramelminx
Thanks for expanding it from the one shot. I just loved how the first time they had sex after Imogene
2/16 c1 djhay4
Such a great story! Loved the I'm thirteen, almost an adult!
12/13/2021 c5 21MaxandFang101
Lol, Hermione is a cool mom and Imogen is just hearing about it
12/13/2021 c4 MaxandFang101
So cute! I genuinely felt awful for Imogen because I've actually had a similar situation happen when I was like 15 and I wanted to die too. Really glad he also had a crush on her or looking back on it, Imogen would have been mortified xD
12/13/2021 c2 MaxandFang101
Omg, this is great! I laughed so many times and also wanted to cry a few times too. I love Imogen :)
12/12/2021 c1 MaxandFang101
Ohmygod, I love this so much. Words cannot express how in awe I am of how you change the story of these characters so much and I love them all the same. So glad you decided to write a few more chapters :D
7/24/2021 c1 Serennos
Emotional and lovely...
7/23/2021 c5 2Malkin Nott
It can't be just me who wants to see Imogen see her mother's picture or something at the Yule Ball. And find out who exactly who took her mother there. :D
5/28/2021 c5 mes1066
This made me smile.
4/14/2021 c5 Guest
Absolutely delightful!
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