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4/28 c10 418AndAllThatMishigas
What an absolutely gorgeous ending to a beautiful tale. I love this and I’m so glad I finally got around to reading it. You are a credit to these wonderful characters.
4/28 c9 AndAllThatMishigas
That note! My heart is bursting with joy. I love!
4/28 c8 AndAllThatMishigas
Oh noooooo oh it’s just like Robert to get distracted and ruin things with his good intentions. He’s a good boy but he’s an idiot lmao. I love how flustered he got trying to describe her measurements for the gown and I’m sure Cora will love it but gosh you didn’t think this through properly, did you Robert?
4/28 c7 AndAllThatMishigas
This is the best thing! The happiest, loveliest Paris holiday! Makes me ache to go back there lol
4/28 c6 AndAllThatMishigas
My face hurts from grinning. This is marvelous. Paris! It’s perfect. I love seeing them so happy.
4/28 c5 AndAllThatMishigas
Awwwwww this is so cute! Gosh I love that he is so nervous and excited. And he warned her in plenty of time lol. Love this.
4/28 c4 AndAllThatMishigas
Bless this bean! He is so cute when he gets excited about something and he loves getting to surprise Cora when he does manage to think of something sweet to do. Love this for him. Though I do hope he asks her before whisking her away...she’s got important things to do and she won’t like it if he takes her away from an engagement she’s supposed to attend.
4/28 c3 AndAllThatMishigas
You’re right Rachel, Robert is strange when it comes to emotions lol. Ugh gosh this just breaks my heart to have them so sad and so worried for each other. And that dream of Robert’s! Absolute horrible nightmare. Oh my heart!
4/28 c2 AndAllThatMishigas
Oh poor Robert! His thoughts are certainly turning where one would expect. I love this comparison between Philip and Rachel with their happy marriage that is not true love versus Robert and Cora that have both those things.
4/28 c1 AndAllThatMishigas
This is such a good premise. I don’t like them sad, of course, but losing a friend so close to his age and especially after his own health scare is certainly going to put things in perspective for both Robert and Cora. Looking forward to seeing how it goes for them.
10/14/2020 c10 Corbert4ever
Beautiful. Such a lovely story of their lasting love. Thank you.
1/31/2020 c10 3gostephtaylor
lovely story of Robert expressing his love to Cora
thank you
4/12/2019 c5 Gayle-80
What a delightful story! I just love theses precious moments Cora and Robert "steal away"
without thought to Violet, or Mary's often comments... . (smiles.)
Thanks for your creative storytelling about COBERT'S enduring thirty-something years'
Love Affair with each other - while still married!
11/2/2016 c1 15Countess Of Grantham
So sweet! Nice dialogue!
10/29/2016 c10 19LaMarwy
SII bellissimo, proprio quello che stavo cercando per il finale di questa storia. Ed ecco svelato l'arcano del titolo una volta per tutte.. bellissima idea.

E quando hai detto quella cosa del tovagliolo.. ahhaa non mi ero mai resa conto di quanto il caro Robert fosse SECSI con quella mossa.

Mi è piaciuto veramente tutto e non vedo l'ora di leggere la prossima.. le modern au poi mi intrigano un sacco.. qualche spoiler? pleeeeeease? ** buona domenica cara e ancora tanti tanti complimenti: prima storia.. vincente!
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