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4/26/2017 c1 38VelocityRaptor
Name: Aiden Revanson
Appearance: Tall, pretty fit, though he looks slim on the outside. Slick black hair, and pale blue eyes.
Clothes: Ra Yellow uniform
Personality: He's cold and quite an introvert. He's like Kai from Cardfight Vanguard: cold and takes the game seriously.
Family: Bryan and Mika Revanson (parents, deceased)
Voice/mannerism: Sounds quite British and straight to the point
Deck: Chaos Deck
Monsters - Archfiend Soldier (3x), Axe Dragonute (3x), Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress (1x), Jain, Lightsworn Paladin (1x), Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter (1x), X-Head Cannon (2x), Y-Dragon Head (1x), Z-Metal Tank (2x), Marshmallow (1x), Kuriboh (1x), DD Crow (2x), Jinzo (1x), Blowback Dragon (2x), Zaborg the Thunder Monarch (2x), Chaos Sorcerer (1x), Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning (1x)
Spells - Shield Crash (2x), United We Stand (1x), Mystical Space Typhoon (1x), Graceful Charity (2x), Pot of Greed (1x), Lightning Vortex (1x)
Traps - Magic Cylinder (2x), Mirror Force (2x), Waboku (1x), Call of the Haunted (2x)
Favorite Card: Chaos Sorcerer (spirit partner)
Signature Card: BLS - Envoy of the Beginning
Duel Disk: Regular Duel Academy Disk
Style: He likes to destroy all possible defenses to pave the way for Black Luster Soldier or Chaos Sorcerer.
History: Aiden was an orphan who used Duel Monsters to get through his rough life. Only problem was that he always lost, and people picked on him for it. One day, after losing a duel and having his deck taken, he ran to a dumpster and cried. That's where he met his spirit partner, Chaos Sorcerer, who helped Aiden find the will to get up, and never lose another duel ever again. Aiden soon found himself as a feared duelist. He worked several part time jobs to get a chance to enroll at Duel Academy, where he got to be in Ra Yellow.
9/3/2016 c1 19Eternos137
This is gonna be good!
8/22/2016 c1 Martyn
*Will my OC be acceptable? This took me a while to create! Well, here he is.:*
Name: Hiro.
Appearance: His skin is tanned lightly. Has a small gap between the front of his teeth. His messy black hair covers even his ears. He stands at a mere five feet and has bright amber eyes.
Clothes: He wears a blue hoodie over a red shirt over a white undershirt. Has a pair of yellow khaki shorts and a pair of suede shoes.
Personality: He's basically Hiro from Big Hero 6, only more gluttonous
Family: He's an orphan, so he sees his Monsters as one.
Gender: Male.
Age: 14.
Deck-His deck mostly runs on Light based cards. (Too many to list) His favourite/Signature card is the Silent Swordsman tree, which Level 3 acts as his Spirit Partner.
Duel Disk: Shaped like the head of a dragon breathing colourful fire.
Style: He likes to play it safe and goes for the kill.
Occupation: Student.
Dorm: Slifer Red (unfortunately).
History: Hiro was orphaned at a tragic age of 3 when his mother mysteriously died. With no other family (His father died when he was a baby), Hiro moved in the same apartment with his childhood friend, Janet. He used to be a wimp back then and Janet was always there to protect him from bullies. In order for him to be more braver for Janet, Hiro discovered the power of duelling, and also his gift to see the Spirit forms of his Monsters. He was very grateful of this as they would act like the family he always wanted. He was then invited to join Duel Academy and this was his chance to become a legendary duellist, to honour his mother as she was a pro expert.
8/22/2016 c1 ShepShaoShep
Hello there! I would love to ask a question via pm, if possible?
8/21/2016 c1 58David Ishihara
Sent an OC. Sure it doesn't have everything in the Submission Sheet, but it's the best I can manage.
8/21/2016 c1 ScarletArmory1
I'll be sending in an OC! I hope you accept it!
8/21/2016 c1 Benny Farr
Name: Ventus Kurosaki
Apperance: 7.5 foot tall, well fit, has spiky red hair
Clothes: Wears red shoes,black pants, black shirt with shadow the hedgehogs symbol,and wearing a slifer red vest
Personality: very friendly, courageous,gets serious and very smart, when he needs to,and helps others when they are in trouble.
Family: Orphan
Gender: male
Age: 16
Monsters: Sirocco the dawn x3 shurra the blue flame x3 bora the spear x3 blizzard the car north X2 Zephyros the elite kalut the moon shadow x3 Gale the whirlwind vayu the emblem of honor dark armed dragon.
Spell: double of nothing pot of duality x3 allure of darkness cards for black feathers black whirlwind X3 dark hole mystical space typhoon heavy Strom ring of defense book of moon book of tayiou forbidden lance x3
Traps: solemn warning bottomless trap hole ring of destruction seven tools of the bandit X2 mirror force royal decree delta crow- anti reverse icarus attack X3.
Extra deck: armor master armed wing shining master armed wing X2 Silverwood the ascendent black winged dragon gaia knight the force of earth stardust dragon heroic champion Excalibur dark rebellion xyz dragon number 39 utopia number 17 leviathan dragon.
Favorite cards: heroic champion Excalibur, stardust dragon, dark rebellion xyz dragon.
Duel disk: golden duel disk.
Dueling style: uses opponents strategies against them
Occupant: student
Previous occupant: underground duelist
Dorm: slifer red but gets into ra yellow and obelisk blue eventually
History: left abandon as baby after his parents died in a car accident,ventus learned to fend for himself and survive all on his own and find money to buy food and clothing,one day when he saw some thugs besting up a silver haired man, ventus rushes to them and drove them away, the man he saved was none other then Maximilian Pegasus,after thanking ventus,he offered him a deck in his briefcase,on the left are the Crystal beasts on the other side are the blackwings,when he was gonna pick one, ventus heard the blackwings call to him so he chose the blackwing deck,after that he was given a one of a kind duel disk by Pegasus too,it was a gauntlet shape golden duel disk, it was a one-of-a-kind,after thanking Pegasus ventus went to look for a job to get paid,when he saw an advertisement for underground dueling he looked intrested in joining, after his first win and earning some money ventus realized he needed to get stronger to handle more underground duels so he started to work out every single day to handle the shock of the underground duels better,by running laps,lifting weights and buying healthier food,after winning many duels after that, he had enough of those underground duels and left,after that he saw a paper that says the entrance exams to duel academy are starting so he went to go try the exams and got in he was gonna go into obelisk but he requested to start at the slifer red dorm to work his way up so he got into duel academy to make new friends and become a strong duelist.
Other info: none
8/21/2016 c1 1bunnibits
Neat idea you have here, but I'm afraid that readers would have to send submissions by PM or via forum post to you in order to prevent your work from being reported for being interactive.

And to be honest, I believe readers would be more opt to sumit their characters if you had posted an actual chapter to give us a sense of the story and your writing style. Just a little thought.

Good luck! - Rain

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