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10/6/2020 c28 202Daisyangel
I hope you plan on updating this eventually? You've kind of just left it and I want to see more from this little family.
11/28/2018 c28 Andie
Love this series. Any chance for another addition?
11/26/2017 c28 jordana60
Welcome back! I forgot how much I love Rory, Jess and Richie Mariano as a family unit! I also love Logan and Louise taking care of Richie and the friendship between Logan and Jess! I first thought Rory might be pregnant, but it was so sweet how Jess took such good care of her. Can’t wait for the next chapter
11/21/2017 c28 chelsbaby
This was such a sweet chapter! Welcome back :)
11/21/2017 c28 RhizOneill
Awww love this chapter so much. I can't wait to read the next chapter soon!
11/20/2017 c28 3RHatch89
Awesome update :)
10/10/2017 c27 2JessMariano10
Please update asap I love this story!
10/6/2017 c27 Nancy
Richie is growing up cute as a button. He is a great blend of Rory and Jess, and he really enjoys people. So, planning another baby to be? Thanks. More soon please. Have a lovely trip - you deserve it! Fifteen years between vacations is a long time!
10/7/2017 c27 jordana60
I know the feeling of seeing your kids grow up so fast. It's bittersweet sometimes. I think they should do more than practice adding a new addition to the family! Such sweet moments between Jess and Rory. Watching them with Ritchie is amazing
10/6/2017 c27 3RHatch89
Awesome update :)
10/6/2017 c27 RhizOneill
Awesome chapter again. Love this so much. Have fun at Wilmington, NC!

P.S. I am a big fan of One Tree Hill too!
10/5/2017 c27 1JediGirlAcrossTheStars21
Have fun in Wilmington! I wanna visit someday
7/12/2017 c1 2JessMariano10
7/10/2017 c26 Nancy
A fun chapter. Loved the outing at the part too. Everyone had fun. A lovely first Mother's day. Thanks. Keep writing for us.
7/11/2017 c26 jordana60
I can't think of a better Mother's Day than Luke and Jess cooking ! Men are hot in the kitchen! Jess and Rory's evening routine with Richie is so adorable. They are a real family!. When Jess was telling everybody about Ritchie in the jewelry store, I was thinking, a gorgeous guy who's great with his son..I'm pretty sure every girl that saw them was jealous! Good think he only has eyes for Rory! I was so happy to get the alert to the update. I'm also glad to don't plan on not finishing the story. I will be with you as long as the journey takes!
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