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12/28/2005 c6 Thranduils
very very very very cool fanfic! i so much love it! congrats it's super! i luv all tc/chris fanfics and this Broken Angel is on top! Keep it up!
7/13/2003 c6 3Callaway Queen
hey maartje. broken angel waz sweet!it waz great.like all of your stories.keep on writing. i hope my story turns out half as good as yours alwayz do. :)

t.c and chris together forever!
4/19/2003 c6 myu182 also known as guy
Chiquinta,I AM Guy. I changed my name to my usual name as m_yu182.Suprising?
4/10/2003 c6 17Chiquinta
Well, I read it. I loved it, as usual but apart from that I've got brain overload and don't know what else to say.

What happened to Guy? He used to review our stuff all the time.

OOh! and what's your next project going to be?
4/9/2003 c6 myu182
HEY WHAT YA KNOW!Great chapter and suprising too. This is so good. Lets see if your talent can go further in the next story that you're going to wirte!

p.s:Maartje, i don't blush :d. hehe Beside i'm a guy wo don't blush (well my cousin do. KEEP WRITING
4/9/2003 c6 2glory02
yippie another chapter/the bad thing it´s the last (*cries*)

I totally love this story , you´re a talented writer can´t wait for your next story,by the way you´re really sweet (Fanclub Glorious Glory02 huh?)

ps.: in a few days I have holidays and I´m not going to travel anywhere (*sobs*), so I have much time to write the next chater
3/23/2003 c5 17Chiquinta
More, more. Always more!

Besides, we have to know what happened to Bobby...and Cory. Did Chris end up spending some time with her?
3/21/2003 c5 myu182
I gota ammit. I agree with Glory02. You have to put in some Cory/Chris relationship. Too much TC/Chris. I'm looking forward to the sixth chapter or more(if you can write more). Keep writing. And start your next one soon after this! :d
3/21/2003 c5 glory02
this is so swet

love it love it love it

please continue writing

maybe about a Cory/Chris talk
3/20/2003 c5 myu182
I WANNA ANOTHER CHAPTER.WANNA ANOTHER CHAPTER. DAMN TOO GOOD. You have to write another chapter i wanna know what will happen to Chris and the rest of Pac Blue units and Cory. I need to know what would their life be like when Chris is back. This story is such a heart breaker. Broke my heart. I SO LOVE THIS STORY.
3/16/2003 c4 pacificbluegirl
Great as always! I can't wait to know the end! So please Write write write...
3/14/2003 c4 myu182
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for writing this chapter, I'll been waiting for this chapter for a long time. This chapter is very very good. I hope next chapter would be longer. Cause i like a good long story.

p.s:note for the other authors. Come on ladies and gentlemen, you got to keep on writing. When you write more it's makes you people better authors. So keep writing, don't give up writing :d
3/13/2003 c4 Chiquinta
The story is great. There's just one thing though. You need to have MORE!

!More, More, More, More, More, More, More, More!

A suggestion for the next chapter: Mary is sneaking through the dark at the same time as Chris and Agnes. She has a gun, Mary not Chris. Agnes sees the guy and decides to confront him, only the guy is near Mary and Agnes attacks Mary giving Chris time to escape and hide. Mary falls, hits her head and dies.

Tc and Cory hear on the radio? that there is a problem at the mental institution and go over to investigate.
3/12/2003 c4 glory02
oh man that´s great

i think that´s the best chapter

you´re so great

you really have good ideas

love it!
2/27/2003 c3 myu182 also known as guy
I CAN'T WAIT,I CAN'T WAIT, I CAN'T WAIT. I wanna know whats gonna happen when TC and Cory find her. I CAN'T WAIT(i'm hyper today too much coffee)
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