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for Broken Angel

2/26/2003 c3 glory02
wow that was fast with the next chapter

I love it

now I can understand why you don´t like mary

I don´t like her too

Can´t wait to see when Cory and TC meet Chris

It´s getting really exciting

p.s. I try to hurry up with my story
2/25/2003 c3 17Chiquinta
That's really sadistic. How come Bobby is dating someone like that?
2/25/2003 c3 Trigan
WOW! Great job. Please hurry and write mreo soon.
2/22/2003 c2 guy
LOVE IT! keep up the good work. Write more on pacific blue stories. i would like to hear one something about chris,tc and cory
2/21/2003 c2 Chiquinta
More! There has to be more!
2/20/2003 c2 pacificbluegirl
That was great, of course!

Please keep writing!

I think that you're really good at this.

I just wonder, what happened to Cory, I mean is'nt she in the story at all?

Sorry if my english are bad, I'm swedish you now.
2/20/2003 c2 Klaar
This is fantastic! Keep on writing please, I want to know what happens next!
2/2/2003 c1 pacificbluegirl
2/1/2003 c1 Chiquinta
Great! Fantastic!

Keep going. We need more, more, MORE!
1/31/2003 c1 glory02
That´s great , love it

you have to continue

wanna know what Monica is going to do and it Tc will find out

I can´t wait
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