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for Campione: The Theomachy!

10/17 c1 Tactical-Magician
Good story.
9/2 c3 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
Dude. I thought this would totally suck for some reason. Fuck was I ever wrong. Holy shit this is getting good. I'm super impressed.
6/24 c77 HKreuz
this is an amazing work. some parts are a bit rushed, but this is still the best or one of the best campione! fict.
6/18 c18 2Sir Anger
Why did you make Jereth so weak? He’s a Campione but he’s worse than a human with how you made him
6/17 c5 Sir Anger
Hopefully he leaves and doesn’t join any organization, hopefully he makes his own
3/17 c77 shadowofmadnesss
words can't descibe the epicness you unleashed in this story. it's sad that the fandom of such good anime is non existent,still creating a character who rose from the bottop to the top like this,what the world needs is always an antihero too show some fools how shit is done.
1/10 c77 comicchimera29
This was an amazing story. Read it for the past week and my eyes were stuck to it the entire time. Was really disappointed with the synopsis ending but that quickly changed with the inserts of dialogue that tied it up really well. Also thanks for actually finding a way to wrap it up instead of abandoning it like most others do when they swamped with work IRL. I hope you succeed in whatever you are trying to achieve in life.
12/7/2019 c41 2Mo Eazy
I feel like Godou pointed out a real flaw in Jereth’s plan. He hasn’t done a thing other than say, once, that he wants to change the relationship between Campione and the Associations. Sharing a little bit more information and even possibly gaining a little headway in that direction will actually provide proof of his “intentions”. Otherwise those seeds of doubt remain just seeds and thus easily ignored.

He obviously doesn’t want to accomplish at that goal but he’s going to have to give the Campione something tangible to keep them from joining the coming conflict. I’m not sure if you’re planning something later or missed these things but I feel them important enough to point out.

Unless all of this has been answered in a previous chapter and I just missed it.
7/18/2019 c73 1willfinch
thank you So much for writing this master piece! it's amazing to read and shows the entire worlds ofc difference a single change in the world can have. Also points out the oversight that campiones have of the world but, seem to miss some smaller details.
6/17/2019 c77 Zarroc789
Best Campione Story I have have read. Easily in my top 10 of favorites on this site.
4/25/2019 c77 DarkrangerZero
That was an absolutely fantastic end to a brilliant story. Loved your take on the characters and everything. Honestly one of the most satisfying stories to read.
4/25/2019 c77 1tsun
truly good story. it will be remembered.
4/13/2019 c71 4ShadowFireZelda
I am getting kind of pissed at Godou. Not for the moral outrage about what Jereth is doing on the coast though. While I agree with Jereth on this probably being the method in which the least number of people die, I also understand foolish optimism. No I am pissed because he keeps blaming Jereth for what happened to Guinevere when that was entirely not his fault. All Jereth did was move to prevent the end of an era with millions of casualties and societal upheaval. He even tried to do it relatively peacefully and let Guinevere live. It was her own mistake to release the sealed energy, it was her who allowed lancelot to be reincarnated by Nyartholep, it was Hanuman, Lakshmana, and the rest who were dumb enough to be tricked by him, it was Guinevere who made a deal with the proverbial devil. Not that I think she deserved what happened to her, but it was not Jereth's fault in the slightest besides maybe he should have just killed her and was too nice. This is the bitch who is basically single handedly responsible for every death the King of the End has ever caused because she summoned him, and of tens of thousands of others in her attempts to revive him. Jereth did nothing wrong, at least as far as attacking Guinvere goes.
2/26/2019 c76 Guest
Nice story
1/16/2019 c75 pwashington
I wonder if jareth will join godou in exploring the multiverse I believe he got a new authority to control fate he left his harem behind to create his new mage association the roundtable alliance
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