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for Youths Chosen By the Goddesses

5/30 c104 RandomFF.netUser
And then it was over. 104 chapters, and over 360k words. August 2016 to May 2020. What a tale. Good job, mate. I wish you luck with all future endeavors, be it in writing or otherwise.
5/23 c103 s3731997
Anymore of this story? I hope this is not the end of this story.
5/22 c103 RandomFF.netUser
Woah, happy ending!
5/13 c102 RandomFF.netUser
They're dropping like flies...
5/12 c1 33trishathetrashywriter
The beginning of one of the most inspirational tales of its time. In my opinion the author of this masterpiece should be recognized as one of the greatest bards of the modern era.
4/29 c101 RandomFF.netUser
It's all down to this. The final showdown. 101 chapters later, this is it.
4/26 c100 RandomFF.netUser
4/21 c3 Ellenar
I'm really enjoying the depth of care you put into this. This is good!
3/31 c98 RandomFF.netUser
The running gag from ABLTW has arrived, so says I, Hilda of Lorule! Now we just need James Birdsong to confirm that it has been a good 24 chapters!
3/23 c97 RandomFF.netUser
You aren't dead!
2/22 c96 RandomFF.netUser
Well, that's one climactic duel down, probably three(?) more to go. We are reaching the climax. Combat and indeed lives will be won or lost on the cool steel of a sword blade (or alternative weapon). I know I keep saying the phrase, but this is it!
2/10 c95 RandomFF.netUser
95! This is it! 100 chapters is within reach! The assault on North Castle, built up for almost three and a half years, has come! But Vaati's not going down without a fight! The battle to decide the fate of much more than just Hyrule is about to begin. Wow. Just wow. If the story I'm planning goes half as well as this, I will be beyond content. Keep up the amazing writing, mate!
2/4 c94 RandomFF.netUser
And then there were 94! That one was a bit difficult to read, but not because it was bad. It's because... Well, you know why. That whole scene was beautifully written to be heart-wrenching. Keep up the good work!
1/28 c93 RandomFF.netUser
93 and counting! It turns out that Zelda was only MOSTLY dead (I hope somebody gets that), and now, as Some Tomfool eloquently put it, the proverbial poop is definitly hitting the proverbial fan. It is on like Donkey Kong. Climactic final battle time!
1/23 c92 Some tomfool
This is where the proverbial poop hits the proverbial fan. 92 chapters, still pushing onward. The epic conclusion has to be soon, right? 100 chapters seems like a question of when, not if. Keep it up, and make the franchise proud!
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