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1/23 c92 RandomFF.comUser
Five words: fierce deity Link has arrived
1/21 c92 James Birdsong
Nice twenty-two chapters
1/13 c91 RandomFF.comUser
The three-and-a-half year saga continues! It's come down to this, the iconic battle of Link and Zelda versus Ganon. Wow. Just wow. Heck of a job mate. 91 chapters, still not done. Keep up the amazing work mate
1/3 c89 RandomFF.comUser
Whelp, that's all 89 (for now) chapters. You are a heck of a plot designer, and I was consistently suprised by the many late plot twists. There are a few grammatical and punctuational Errors (see what I did there? Sorry, that was horrible), but they can be cleaned up easily, making this work even better. My biggest gripe was the sudden transition from past tense to present tense, but other than that, heck of a job mate, and I hope to see a continuation soon
1/1 c6 Unknown user
I never thought I would read about Midna discussing how the Hero of Hyrule lowered the lake to access The Demon, with a Kikwi overhearing this conversation, but it happened. And it actually makes sense! Heck of a job writing this
1/1 c4 Unknown user
Quite well written so far. A few small punctuation mistakes, but I have notoriously fat fingers, so I don' judge at all. You actually managed to combine two of my favorite video games of all time, without making it feel tacked on, so my hat comes off for you. The numerous Zelda references don't even feel like unadulterated fan service (as they usually do), so I look forward to reading the rest!
4/18/2019 c4 Guest
Error cameo! Zelda 2, for anyone's information. Nice touch
4/6/2019 c1 Guest
This has been going on for years, has over 300k words, but hardly 60 follows and less than half of that in reviews... a bit indicative, no?
3/14/2019 c1 Guest
You are a great writer dude ! Never stop. Very high quality and reads like a novel so far
1/18/2019 c70 James Birdsong
Nice two chapters
1/13/2019 c11 luisAM21
Wow... you just copied and pasted the intro. That was from Star Wars episode 7? 8?
1/10/2019 c68 James Birdsong
Good thirty-six chapters.
1/5/2019 c1 30miano53
Oh. I saw the Zelda cartoon reference. Lol
6/14/2018 c5 JasherTheDarkened
What you did here... I see it...
4/29/2018 c43 Guest
This is completely retarded and gay as fuck!
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