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22h c63 7raw666
Keep up the excellent work but I do expect some self reflection as Taylor question if using the tactics of the nobles (assignation) is any better despite the right thing to do to remove the root. Also wonder if the Inquisition take one look at Taylor reasoning and create the Order of Noblis to police the nobility. After all, failure of duty and aparhy is death and too many standing dynasties are killing the Imperium slowly through neglect and greed.
4/18 c63 2DannyBoy2k
Just to note, Lokens first name is Garviel. R before V.
4/15 c63 MasterEnvi
It took me a long time but I finally managed to read up to the current chapter of 63. What you've written is impressive, your ability to juggle multiple plot points is extremely amazing and I'm astounded at how well you've connected everything. The action is fairly decent as well and the political intrigue is interesting to observe as well.

However, I do have a few personal nitpicks about what you've written as well. This is a great WH40k fanfic. But in all honesty, it's a terrible Worm fanfic. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not, but this really is just a TINO (Taylor in name only) kind of fic. The POVs jump around way too frequently to really allow you to get attached to any character. On top of that, the constant jumping makes it somewhat hard to remember what the character in question was doing previously. Given that the title of this fanfic is called "The Weaver Option" I expected there to be a lot more focus on Taylor than what there is in writing. Which is mildly disappointing because that was the main reason I was here. Reading about Taylor in the WH universe.

Another thing, this is super super personal so it's not really something to change I guess, but the chapters being as long as they are is a bit difficult to absorb. I feel like it might've been a better idea to release them in batches, just to make for easier stopping/starting points while consuming the story. I like that there was 1.8m words to digest, but not in the format it had to be digested in. An idea of maybe releasing them in batches with each chapter focusing on specific characters over the set period of time? Like one chapter focusing on the main characters and then a chapter focusing on secondary characters and plot points? I'm not sure how well that'd mesh with your story design though, but it's a thought at the very least. As I said though that one is just a personal hot take and not necessarily something that needs to change about the story.

Just to reiterate I did enjoy what you have written from a WH40k perspective. I do like just seeing strong people just beat the shit out of each other and the grandiose scales of battles that take place. You do an amazing job of portraying that and I look forward to seeing more! Keep up the great work!
4/12 c63 WarhammerFan
Wanted to say, love this fic so much. Read it 6 years ago, decided to pick it up again after stuff in life calmed down, and read through the entire thing over 4 weeks. Love being a Worm and 40k fan! Thank you so much for all of the great writing and it's been such a blast reading through the fic!
4/12 c63 Deadzepplin
4/12 c1 5Generation Zero
Did we know what up about his deal with Vashtorr? Belakor is dead so one of his rival is a goner. Would he be more active later on? Also, love the idea of Biles, Abby, and Malicia team up. It is so dysfunctional yet fun that I love it. I can't remember if Malicia ever insulted Winbbaddon but she called him failure once? What sort of unholy bargain would the three made I can only guess. Abbaddon could help Malicia hide/barred from Nurgle...for a price. Would Biles continue to create his New Men?

Also, hw are we supoosed to close the Maelstrom exactly. it would need forces far greater than the operation stalingrad and even forces tgat fought during the fifth black crusade to hokd the planets alone. it would need more than 1 legion worth of man power and i dont know if it will ever be enough. the risk is high too.
4/12 c63 7Frosty Wolf
Fabius Bile and the Despoiler, now that's an alliance that would strike fear into the Imperium. Obviously Vicky being there makes things first, but she's clearly not going to be an equal partner in whatever is going on. And creating a new Legion?! Say what you will about them but they don't lack for ambition.

Meanwhile, though far less dangerous, the Reign of Blood approaches! Though from the looks of it Vandire is creating his own problems because he's either trying to line his pockets or be cheap. Or both. I don't think anyone whose been paying attention will be surprised by that.

The chapters title Legacy of Decay made me think we'd get a view of Nurgle, and we did, but looking into how the Imperium itself decayed from the dream the Emporer had for it was interesting too. Thank you for this chapter!
4/12 c62 Sable Dawn
If this does not end up with some kind of giant mantis like creature battling a bloodthirster using Aeldari martial arts I am going to be very mildly disapointed.
4/11 c63 Drops
Dude. I've been waiting for months for an update and then it's a clifhannnngerrrrr. But yeah I enjoyed reading the chapter so much the end surprised me.
4/11 c63 Guest
Inversion of Ruionous Powers thoughtforms tulpa drones





Protect the weak Defend the innocent
4/11 c29 Damobea
I think it is hilarious that even the ants are worshiping her now.
4/11 c63 1ShadeslayerX
I used to shudder at the thought Abbaddon would take the field. But he's been remarkably... tame. And that makes him more menacing... I suspect Vandire's lifespan is reaching its last units. And the High Twelve will be purged
4/10 c30 Tinfoot
I know its just screaming into the void at this point, but I just want to say that I do NOT care for Wei and any associated romance, especially considering how she was introduced as basically "I fuck you and get money" sort of thing that the story appears to have completely moved on from except for her
Just feels utterly superfluous, and while I may one day be punished for skipping paragraphs until I stop seeing her name, that day is evidently not today
Hope she gets dropped as soon as possible
4/10 c63 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
Abaddon the Despoiler wants his own parahuman to go against Imperium parahumans.
4/10 c63 2Vilkath
I have to say I really enjoyed this chapter. While the story as a whole is great I have to say I enjoyed some of the earlier arcs a bit more because they focused on Taylors perspective a bit more. I know the universe is a big place but some chapters Taylor is barely even mentioned let alone given any screen time these days and it's kind of sad.
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