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1/28 c26 ScruffinMcguffin
I laughed out loud when i read that Cawl made requested his giant fucking ship and i'm always happy to see our archeologist.
1/22 c57 2Balrog1788
So I am a long time fan of this story and I like to make fan based parodies of songs. I give to you this little ditty.

The March of the Imperium

Bolters flash, powerswords swing!
Artilleries piercing roar!
Titans charge with cannons blazing!
Fight those bastards 'till they yield!
Purple beetle and golden eagle fly
Fight to keep this land your own!
Sound the horn and call the cry:

Follow orders as you're told
Make their yellow blood run cold!
Fight until you die or drop!
A force like ours is hard to stop!
Close your mind to stress and pain!
Fight 'til you no longer can!
Let not one damn cur pass you by!

Guard your women and children well!
Send these bastards back to Hell!
We'll teach them the ways of war!
They won't come here any more!
Use your bolter and use your head!
Fight 'til everyone is dead!
Raise the flag up to the sky!

Dawn is broke, the time has come-
Move your feet to a marching drum!
We'll win the war and pay the toll-
Fight as one in heart and soul!
Purple beetle and golden eagle fly
Fight to keep this land your own!
Sound the horn and call the cry:

P.S. I give Antony444 permission to use this as you please.
P.P.S. This started life before my grubby paws got a hold of it as March of Cambreadth please support the official release.
1/22 c6 DarthPrince
Apes. Together. Strong!
1/13 c51 11chm01
cheer for Pierre, the sneakiest dreadnought in the imperium!
1/12 c56 Zhelander
A bit of a shame that it wasn't Taylor the one receiving the power up. Specially after that same eldar "betrayed" her and forced Taylor to ascend.
1/11 c57 nanox876
Out of curiosity what would Paramountcy and Vainglory be turned into if Taylor had been able to administrate it and what would they have looked like? Also will the interlude mention what would happen with Fulgrim's body?
1/10 c16 itioministralis
Honestly, I'm not a fan that you started adding all these Worm characters now and there's just toooo many POVs. Many of them would probably come up just once? It's still one of the best stories I've read, but I was expecting a story about Weaver in Warhammer universe and I got a billion characters and Weaver's been relegated to a minor role.
1/9 c57 deadal
It would be obvious to scream NAGASH!... But I hope I will be surprised.
Thanks for sharing this story.
1/9 c56 Guest
Three heartbeats later, no more, no less


Space Marines have 2 hearts. How do they count heartbeats?
1/9 c55 Guest
Well you're definitely keeping to the theme of the eldar ruining everything through their own stupidity.

Good thing Taylor has plenty of experience with being thrown into bad situations created by idiots...
1/6 c52 Guest
If the Emperor had known this would happen, he hadn't told her.

Well it's not like the Emperor has told her anything at this point.
1/8 c4 itioministralis
I don't know how I missed this, but damn, this is pure gold. The dialogues, descriptions, characters. You're an amazing writer. A rarity.
1/4 c57 MacDoc-101
Great story to read so far, love to see that it keeps going. Hope the new chapters arrive soon
1/2 c57 zmanjz
That was an excellent chapter. I utterly loved how things resolved.

So many other questions come up. Necrons? Magnus? Vulkan? Nyx Sector?

Trazyn the Infinite (Troll) was hilarious. I'm curious who you would have voice him, as his personality reminds me of Q/John Delancie, but that voice coming from a necron seems a little off.

"Ah Mon General! I'm Back!" (Summons a mariachi band.)

It's a case of close, but not quite perfect.

Taylor now having to have an honor guard if Eldar as well, is just hilarious. Though, strictly speaking she is performing all the roles of general, governor, imperal noble, rogue trader, hand of the Emperor, chosen of the omnisiah, beloved saint, ambassador to the necron, and probably the closest thing to a human being liked by the Orks as she brings dems da best Waaaaaaaaagh!

Utterly love it.
1/2 c57 7Azrael-Von-Gruber
So now Taylor face her greatest challenge : a horni Queen of blade
Joke aside, if winning the war was hard, winning the peace is going to be a nightmare
I have no doubt the Vandire clan is going to crash and burn but the question "how much damage is Xerxes going to do before Taylor stab him ?"
And sadly Papa-smurf is too weak right now to become the Lord commander once again
And between the politicals problem, his sons, and Taylor, poor big E is probably wishing he could get drunk
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