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1/14 c52 2Tersin22
I've figured it out! I know what the Emperor did to Taylor to get the results we're seeing. I don't know where he got it, but Weaver is a Solar Exhalt. An Exhaltation that Emps has some how managed to convince to merge with what's basically an unshaped Rakshasa. Cause I don't know what else you'd call an intelligent reality warping terrain feature. I don't know what she's spending essence on to keep her anima going constantly, possibly some anti corruption charm, but it works. Golden glow, the wings come from that charm that lets you make your anima banner solid, rapid vast improvement in all aspects physical and mental, she got the power at a moment of great heroism and personal sacrifice, grows in power with worship. Even the Sacrifice aspect is explained by her having stupidly high Conviction.

I'm a little worried about who her Lunar might be though.
1/12 c52 Guest
only way the emperor can heal is if primarchs take strain of astronomicon/golden throne for him while he uses psy power to heal
1/12 c52 ndabdm
You know… maybe Abaddon isn’t that bad at leading black crusades…
1/12 c27 The-Soul-of-the-Void
pffft hahaha i love the name!
1/10 c46 Barbaric Bob
"What was it with all these scary women? Where was the God-Emperor when you needed him?"

He decided to stay out of it, the Emperor is a wise man indeed
1/9 c52 Pathreader
Sorry for the typo
37,725,111 hrs is around 4,366-4,367 yrs
1/9 c52 Pathreader
37,725,111 hrs4366-4367 yrs

What will this mean, I wonder.

Now about the chapter itself, it’s an absolute beast in both quality and quantities. My favorite scenes are the wrath badgers’, the frostlion cubs, and the battle of 5 primachs. I shudder in anticipation of what you are planning for the ultramarines, as my best guess involves the chapter master being stubborn until Russ, Corax, and Thiel forced him to cooperate with Taylor.

Thank you for the update! And late happy new year!
1/8 c52 tree1138
Really enjoyed the battle of the 5 primarch’s this chapter. Fun to see them interact, especially Magnus. Was shocked what happened to Omegon, what a nasty fate.

Taylor can’t win all the time, nice to see her taking a partial victory.

In this story if the old ones created the tyranids, how did the tyranid hive fleets wind up traveling outside the galaxy, since the fleets have been coming up from the bottom extra glactic threats in canon.
1/6 c52 Guest
Since Malal practices "spiritual and symbolic cannibalism" according to one of your interludes, does that mean that the eye of terror will shrink even more as the energies of the warp partially turn against themselves?
Can't wait for the next chapter, and the extermination of the word bearers, and hopefully Lorgar as well, love how he (in a way) got a taste of his own medicine.
1/4 c52 gremlin914
HOLY PHUQ! The layered twists, plots, and developments blew my mind. And one heck of a set up for the next Calamity. Kudos and once again an exquisite example of why this is IMO the single greatest fic on this site.
1/3 c52 anticlown
lorgar forgot by worshiping chaos undivided he has to accecpt all of it even malal, only way i think the former immortal slanesh champion could become undying again is if he fuses with the butcher from the worm verse also he can be imprisoned in necron teseract forever if he can posses people again
1/2 c52 Guest
Okay I'm 90 percent sure Dorn and Khan are going to pop out of the webway just in time for the clusterfuck and then the expiring of the mark of calth will create enough symbolism so Cawl can resurrect Guilliman and the warp energy released with the help of Eldrad will wake Ynnead, Yvraine becoming prophet, imperium going boom because Taylor brought tau in, Magnus through some shenanigans gets power again no on emperor's side, Leman could die because " I will be there ... for the FINAL battle" and this is all plausible because of anarchy and sheer awesomeness. And there's Sevatar who probably knows some super duper powerful artifact that is should have stayed unknown if it's so powerful it can replace hundreds of tons of precious archaeotech.
Well shit's about to hit the fan. AGAIN!
1/2 c52 Ashran31
12/30/2021 c52 GlurakX
I like this chapter a lot, the very first part does a great job of showing that the emperor for all his power is still human.
The next part is a very good example of the sheer numbers the imperium has at it's disposal and the other scenes around Fenris make it even better. The DA grand master isn't my favorite character but you can't deny that he is brave, I think the number of SM that would dare ask a primarch that is very smal.
Be'lakor is one monster of a demon prince. The perspective of both Shadowsun and Aun'shi is great for the duel.
I think Elena is right about the emperor making a joke with her as the punchline, the frostlions are surprisingly cute, will she keep them?

Great company wrath badgers assemble! Of course Fenris somehow has WORSE honey badgers. Would be funny if that blood claw became a great wolf and took them as company animal.
Every part from Magnus perspective was great especally his honest mocking of Spawngar.
The fight on Fenris was great the fate of Omegon is a bit sad but expected and Spawngar is given the perfect punishment. Russ using his spear is unexpected if I remember my lore right this one is just like the one Valdor had?
At least we can make an educated guess about the oblivion gate in Cormoragh now, having Aenira there should be helpfull.
The Ultramarines will hate their gift.
The voidsong is surprisingly nice?
Flayer-crons are terifying.

That is all I can think of after my first reread.
12/30/2021 c52 Saphyron
Holy hell. 8 days... 8 days it took to read your story until now.

Thank you for making me spend my days in bliss. but holy hell.
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