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for Unexpected promotion

11/4/2017 c1 10fangfaceAndrea
8/26/2016 c1 19Purple Satin
Love this! Thanks for writing.
8/26/2016 c1 36InkyCoffee
I adored this! What a beautiful way for her to tell him! This whole fic was sweet and meaningful and just perfect. I love Papa Jim! Wonderful job!
*Swipes happy tears away before anyone sees I'm a puddle of mush*

8/26/2016 c1 3LilyCaroline17
I just LOVE THIS! It's so very perfect. Smart idea too!
8/25/2016 c1 12precinct42344
I really liked this little story. I love any story that has Kate and Jim's relationship as the focal point. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I will be looking forward to reading more.
8/25/2016 c1 131ifonly13
PAU. This is so adorable and I'm glad I waited until after work to read it because it was a nice pick-me-up after dealing with that nonsense. So sweet.
8/25/2016 c1 14Clem Marchal
Awww such a cute story
8/25/2016 c1 1conservativegirl
Love it! Such a sweet story :)
8/25/2016 c1 I'm Widget
Sweet. Love this.
8/25/2016 c1 Guest
Beautifully written

Loved it

Oh yea perfect present and promotion for him
Grandpa :)))))


Thank you
8/25/2016 c1 91FearlessHeartSVU
So sweet. I hope you write more.
8/25/2016 c1 icydevil
aww.. love kate and kim fics!
8/24/2016 c1 FDWojo
Just to let you know... Sadly, FF_net doesn't handle website URL's very well in stories, or in PM's. For example, you probably noticed it left the dotcom out of the address. Plus, I tried to go to the address, but it wouldn't come up. I finally just looked up tohfayimagesdotcom, and searched for GRANDPA. If I'm guessing correctly, it's the mug that says:


Is this the one you mean? It's product 11464


P.S. Damn this website!
8/24/2016 c1 2castlefang
very sweet fic
8/24/2016 c1 Guest

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