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5/17 c1 TheLittleRoguex
4/19 c1 Kya
Oh my god my heart
12/1/2020 c1 AnziaC
Wow...that was heartbreaking. Beautiful and amazing characterization but...wow. Thank you!
10/7/2020 c1 4Love Meliodas Dragneel
This was so sad. . . I like it but. . . It made me cry at the end
8/11/2020 c1 17koishii-glory
This tore me up.
7/10/2020 c1 2MCH
amazing story. so sad so Sirius.
2/16/2020 c1 24Bionically
oh this was so heartbreaking. I agree with Hermione that nicknames are so twee, but the fact that this was the thing she recalled when Sirius was gone is so—poignant.

#teamaphrodite #lf2020
2/8/2020 c1 Lindsey2028
This is wonderful
12/5/2019 c1 LASangel
I should hate u for making cry over an over but i can. I love the way u can tell a story way to much. I do this everytime with one.
11/7/2019 c1 3Miko.RF
So sad but good. I loved it and it made me feel so miserable all at the same time. Great job!
7/6/2019 c1 KlawDee
I laughed and I cried. Amazing characterization and imagery.
6/23/2019 c1 Guest
Stop making me cry. Your stories are too beautiful.
5/26/2019 c1 Guest
This is sad it made me cry. *sniffle* Sirius!
7/18/2018 c1 laraquick
Heartbreaking. More than just Harry lost someone at the Ministry.
2/9/2018 c1 Frindy
I don’t mean to be a broken record but your amazing! You have such a gift with storytelling. Your gifts to us touch our hearts and souls. I wish I could do something for you! I hope today is a better day for you, with a bit more feeling better, a bit more joy, a bit more peace, a bit more fun, a bit more love, then usual.
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