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for Versus: A Final Fantasy VII Novel

7/15/2021 c2 Guest
Try looking up dirge of cerberus and dirge of cerberus online game on the ff wiki and on youtube to get more info. And check out Deepground's Failed Soldier, Rosamond Strife By: Annibeliese on and other DoC oc stories. idea for the story of the Doc comment i put up, and it has inspiration to the incomplete and rough draft fanfic story that i helped inspired by a fanfic writer named Annibelise(and ff7 along with it's compilations). An OC mercenary(either formerly a turk or SOLDIER), got a job to protect two little girls(shelke and shalua), who lost both their parents and on the run from shinra, and take them to a safe place to live where shinra can't find them. while training the girls how to survive in the wild, the oc discovers the reason why shinra is after them, because of shalua's little sister's rare SND ability. when they almost reached their destination, they get ambushed into a trap by turks and soldier, leaving only shalua to escape. while imprisoned on the now mobile convoy destined to midgar to have shelke inducted into soldier, with the intention of harnessing her ability to develop a new type of warfare, deepground soldiers attacked the convoy and captured the both of them to be experimented on in deepground (who were ordered by the Restrictors and president shinra to do so) the last moment before the oc was knocked unconscious was a deepground soldier taking shelke away. After that, she is then subjected to torturous experiments that left her in and out of consciousness and comatose for almost all her time in deepground and gave her unique powers(leave that up to you), and was only saved by chance when genesis turned down nero and weiss's offer to join them in taking down the restrictors and was leaving to discover the oc in an experimental pod and placed her on the mako reactor before he went into slumber under midgar. During meteorfall(ironically trapping deepground for three years until they escape), while evacuating people from midgar along with yuffie, vincent senses something on the mako reactor and yuffie also detects it through tech binoculars, and vincent goes to investigate. After seeing the hojo corpse mirage dissipate after a lightning strike, he discovers the oc and escapes with the oc and yuffie on a hoverbike. after that, the oc's dream/memory sequence tells how he/she met the rui sisters and shelke's abduction, in which the screams of shelke and her pleas for the oc to help her in her dream wakes the oc up, only to find that the oc is in a hospital, feeling survivor's guilt and responsible for not saving shelke. the oc, now released from the hospital contemplates on if he/she should keep on living, meets argento(who left deepground after the revolt and before meteorfall sealed deepground) who takes the oc under her wing(possibly adopting) and gives the oc a reason for living: help and protect those from going through the pain that the oc went through to atone for not saving shelke. 3 years later, a couple months before deepground became known, the oc now lives in costa del sol and establishes an mercenary hq and forms a team(reminds me of superheroes and a hero academy) with argento as mentor, to help those in need and as personal punishment for the oc for not saving shelke. on a regular day (as regular for a hero merc team), and three weeks before deepground attacked kalm, the oc receives a request letter that was sent to hq that one of the teammates went to get from the mail. once the oc receives it, the oc's face pales, eyes widened, tears beginning to form; the team notices and asked if the oc was alright; the oc just brushed them off and ran to their room. one of the teammates asked what was that all about and picked up the letter, they go to their mentor to ask who shalua is, stopping her dead in her tracks. the teammates give her he letter and once she was done reading it she asked where the oc is and they complied. the oc wonders what they should do, then argento comes in and they talk. comforted by the oc's mother figure and given a renewed hope at a second chance to make things right, the oc takes the request and visits shalua at a cafe to catch up and for her to tell the oc more of the request; while argento gives the team a rundown on the oc's past, and the team receives another request via phone from reeve to investigate deepground and to turn on the news, showing them a news report of an investigative team of more than 38 people going into a previously sealed part of midgar and disappearing. the oc returns with shalua and introduces her to the oc's team and tells them their mission request from her: to find shelke. they then have a team briefing, with shalua and argento(who does not know that shelke and the tsviet shelke are the same person) in attendance, along with reeve in attendence via tv screen. they start with going over the circumstances and factors surrounding shelke's abduction. i'll let u fill in the rest, i hope this comment doesn't sound too much to ask, but i hope u consider it. u hardly see dirge of cerberus oc stories and ff shelke stories these days.
7/15/2021 c2 Guest
what if u made a dirge of cerberus fanfic with an oc, hardly see any of those stories these days, and more shelke and shalua moments (like maybe your oc is paid by shalua to help find her long lost little sister). or a fanfic where vincent or cloud and tifa take shelke in and adopts her. just a thought, and typing again in case the message didn't get through.
9/1/2016 c1 20anonymous2234
I really liked your description of your main characters movements, scenery and feelings. You, in a short amount of time, gave us the readers a place brought to life in our minds. It was a clear picture from beginning to end. The action was good and ending left on a cliffhanger was great! :D I really enjoyed reading it!

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