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10/28/2018 c7 17T-Rex Ninja Kid
Wonder what her definition of 'gentle' is?
10/28/2018 c6 T-Rex Ninja Kid
Liara sharing Kaidens vision and then she is the one to use the Virmire beacon. Having Shep not believe in the Reapers would make sense to me. She could try to deny it tho.
10/28/2018 c5 T-Rex Ninja Kid
I am liking this. Wondering what she's going to think of Williams and Liara?
10/28/2018 c4 T-Rex Ninja Kid
Are there 26 bad words to learn the alphabet with? (tho don't tell me)
10/28/2018 c3 T-Rex Ninja Kid
Good way of filling in the back story :)
10/28/2018 c2 T-Rex Ninja Kid
Good old Anderson. Though trying suicide by cop was a bad idea :/ good thing they knocked her out. This is probably a good description of what Earthborn Shepard was like.
10/28/2018 c1 T-Rex Ninja Kid
Never read a renegade Shepard story before but l'm intrigued :)
8/1/2017 c6 15A Markov
Not sure how this will play out, but I completely agree that your Shepard wouldn't have lifted a finger to help Lt. Kiss-up.

I find myself really looking forward to finding out how everything plays out.

4/3/2017 c9 Ase Of SpADeZ
This is very promising :)
3/9/2017 c8 Ase Of SpADeZ
We have come to assuage the psychopath within us all.

Obey our demands for blood or you will feel the consequences.
2/14/2017 c7 Morakir
Liking the story! Waiting patiently for the next chapter!
2/12/2017 c7 Ase Of SpADeZ
Very very good so far :). I'll be waiting patiently for more!
1/27/2017 c7 orco-n7
impresionante muy bueno
1/11/2017 c6 Burnsidhe
Kaiden's likely to break under the vision. His brain just got messed with pretty badly and he's already physically compromised by his L2 biotic implant.

Toss in the fact that the Prothean Beacon's initial visions are mostly irrelevant to the story, and maybe you can set up a situation where Shepard finds another partially working beacon on Feros. Maybe the datastore on Eletania, accessed by the trinket the Consort gives Shepard?
9/18/2016 c3 Guest
Hmm, St Adrian's orphanage? That wouldn't be the same Saint Adrian that is the patron saint of soldiers, arms dealers and BUTCHERS would it? (Also plagues for some reason but I doubt plagues is why you chose it). Very nice, always like it when people put extra thought into the little details.
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