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8/28/2016 c1 871-1 Marines
I am honestly surprised to hear that you're moving to Colorado. Good luck making the transition. I myself enjoyed whitewater rafting last year.
It figures that Mako would be prohibited from motorcycle duties even if they're low on manpower thanks to Kuvira.
I actually felt sorry for those two before it turned out that they were Lu and Gang. Seriously, were they trying to get themselves and Raiko killed?
Nice action scene, BTW.
Saikhan did aid Tarrlok during his moment of idiocy (right, because antagonizing the non-bender population of Republic City would be such a swell way to deal with the Equalists), so him being something of a Jerkass isn't unsurprising. Also, the metalbenders are likely more of a SWAT team/riot cops considering how it'd be nightmarishly dumb to reject non-benders for, say, patrol duties.
I honestly liked the original lemon scene better, but this one was still decent. Did Korra already break her hymen or something beforehand? And you respectfully handled Korrasami (i.e. having them break up but still be friends after they felt awkward about it) considering the mutual bad blood in Ship-to-Ship combat.
Overall good work. Going to church soon, replies may be delayed.

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