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for Someone To Save You

10/5/2016 c5 2Elise Deschat
This is the end? Your plot is not resolved...there is still conflict in a serial killer escaped
10/2/2016 c5 girlfic
Love it!
10/2/2016 c5 Long Live BRUCAS
Luckily the team got there when they did. Who knows what would of happened. Jackson might of started on Steve and he wouldn't of been able to get to Danny. And of course Danny would have to convince Steve is wasn't his fault.
9/1/2016 c4 12JazzieG
After the last chapter I thought they'd be plenty more to come, so I have to admit this felt a bit rushed. Still you did get my favourite item of Danny whump in there, so thanks! :)
8/31/2016 c4 3jlopie
Nice! Liked the shock of Danny being pushed out the door into the water, and Steve's reaction! Thanks for sharing your story.
8/31/2016 c4 Long Live BRUCAS
Of course then team would find them. It wasn't in the nick of time but close enough. Steve was able to get to Danny fairly quickly and he is Ok now.
8/31/2016 c4 1detectivejiju
Awesome FF! Loved the whump and the climax... sweet. :) Enjoyed reading it. :)
8/31/2016 c4 19Cubit2
Finished already? I thought you were just getting started. Danny was right, the bad guy was upset that they were close to catching him and took his anger out on them in a deranged way. Glad the team got there just in time and glad that Danny has no lasting damage from the drowning.
8/31/2016 c3 12JazzieG
Sounds like the bad guy has some issues with not being enough to stop someone he cared about doing bad things. You can't force people to change, no matter what you do, the choice has to be theirs. Let's hope with the information the team now have from Danny's call, they can find the guys before things get too bad.
8/30/2016 c3 9julieb716
Ah, so now we know Danny is the unfortunate victim in this. Poor Steve, poor Danny.
8/30/2016 c3 3jlopie
Ah, I'm liking the direction this is taking!
8/30/2016 c3 dr.riddhidesai
Getting intense.. enjoying it. :-)
8/30/2016 c3 Long Live BRUCAS
OMG HA!1 Love Danny way of comment on the three victims as to what they have in common.

Ah So Danny is the person this crazy guy is bring in. And all b/c of Steve taking risk in the job. This crazy knows it hurts and upsets Danny. So this guy must of been watching the team to know this. And he must know the team a bit if Steve kind of recognize or he seem familiar.
8/30/2016 c3 stefrosacarnevale
Another amazing chapter
8/30/2016 c3 19Cubit2
Oh my. This does not bode well for Danny. Interesting premise.
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